Best low interest personal loans for bad credit - under 10% over 5 years

Discussion in 'Personal Finance Q & A' started by MikeTheSlayer, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. MikeTheSlayer

    MikeTheSlayer Newbie

    I really like this forum because you can ask anything :) So here goes. Where can I find a low interest personal loan for bad credit. I'm looking for a personal loan for under 10% and I want to pay it over 5 years. I want to use the money to pay off debt and improve my home so I can sell it and downsize to improve my personal circumstances. The only thing standing in the way of my plan is bad credit. I've done much to improve it but I cant seem to get a loan under 10% without securing with a property. The last thing I want is a hard money loan where the property is sold when I cant pay off the loan. Does anyone know of any low interest personal loans for bad credit.
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  2. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    From my experience as a Personal Loans Broker finding a loan under 10% over 5 years will be nigh on impossible. If you have poor credit between 580 - 640 the loans that are available are listed below. The lowest rate that I could find is 25% - 36% from Springleaf where you could borrow $10,000

    Best Personal Loans for Bad Credit (580 - 640)
    (1) Springleaf [ Borrow to $10,000 / 25% - 36%]
    (2) Rise [ Borrow $500 - $5000 / APR Varies]
    (3) NetCredit [ Borrow $1,000 - $10,000 / 35% - 65%]
    (4) LendUp [ Borrow $250 - $1,000 / APR Varies By State]
    (5) LendingClub [ Borrow to $10,000 / 28.89% - 35.96% ]

    Rather than consolidating your credit card debt just you should consider repairing and improving your credit score. If you actively manage your credit file over 6 months you will see excellent results on your credit score. Once you've improved your credit score you can apply for superior financial products with preferential rates.
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