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Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Janet, Aug 12, 2014.

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  1. Janet

    Janet Newbie

    Hi my janet I live in los angeles ca.I have 5 kids two of them are young adults and three of them are minors .I been strungling in life since I left my husband he has our two boys we had together I cry everyday becus I wish I could have my boys 24/7 but my income dont let me I get calwork 630 cash and 700 of foodstamps but I been renting a room and sharing bathroom and kitchen now I have to leave becus my daughter had a baby and the manger dont want no one else so I need 750 dols for a rent deposit becus my 24 son only gets 200 very short on money to get my apartment Ineed 750 becus the total his 1250.00 I cry I dont what to do getting my apartment I would get my 2 boys that there with him pls helping I feel helpless but I cant be like this pls help me and God Bless all of them that helps me
  2. Uhnruh26

    Uhnruh26 Newbie

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  3. I'm sorry!I'm ashamed to ask.We had a war...many have suffered, many have died.Houses were destroyed as a result of attacks, there are no funds for restoration, there is no work and social assistance, courts, banks do not work.My goal is to raise $ 35,000 to rebuild my home.The second stage of collecting aid for more than 50 families was left homeless.The situation is close to a humanitarian catastrophe, and this is the 21st century!I hope for your understanding and compassion,humanity.Don't leave us in trouble, it's very difficult.Help, than you can!!If the amount is large-I will be glad and thankful for a smaller amount! Paypal
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