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Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Charles, Sep 20, 2014.

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  1. Charles

    Charles Newbie

    My farm burnt down because of somebody throwing their cigarette in the field. All the grazing grass burnt. The cattle pens burnt. Our vegetable garden burnt. My old tractor burnt. Please - somebody - help me find the money to rebuild and feed my animals. I am a pensioner with very little income. I retired one year ago and used all my pension to buy a small farm so my son can make a living. We struggled from the start and now the fire has destoyed our only means of survival. The farming community and our neighbours do not want to help.
    We need help - and SOON - or we will have no hope for the future.
    Charles Keegan
    Carolina , South Africa
  2. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    Hello Charles, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you tried asking for help online? In this particular case I believe that posting a video on a site like Fund Anything (which has the backing of Donald Trump) might help you to raise money to restore your farm.

    Fund Anything is a genuine site and there are a lot of people receiving help for their hardship. I have included a video so you can verify the site. If you do decide to post a video please let us know so we can follow the progress.

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