Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by S Foster, Sep 26, 2017.

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  1. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    Hi, I would love someone to buy me my own home, so I don't have to live among drugs and parties.

    I've never had much all my life just as I think I'm getting my foot on the ladder it snaps again.

    I'm willing to tell you all about myself if you think you can help me.

    I don't know if I'm doing this right as do not know how this sight works but I hope it's not a con.
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  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hello, @S Foster, and welcome to The Find Some Forum.

    I am sorry to hear about your circumstances.

    Rest assured this is not a scam site, this is a site that offers advice, guidance, and empathy to its community to help them out with their problems.

    It will help to give more details about your current circumstances so more people can help you.

    I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you.
  3. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    Well here goes,

    I'm not good at explaining so please bear with me also my spelling is bad.

    I am 55 divorced living in Philadelphia.

    I moved here about 18 months ago as my eldest son and family moved and started their own business, cleaners, and laundry.

    I moved to help with the kids but ended up working in the laundry for them, (never work for the family, it has put a strain on our relationship, feel I've lost my son)

    Anyway, I live in a rented flat owned by the same housing that owned my flat back in Bradford.

    Since I've been here I have had the police out a few times to the people downstairs playing VERY LOUD music and domestics.

    They also take drugs as do a few around here.

    I was out of work for about 7 years before moving here due to Depression which I was born with and got worse after thing all got too much due to circumstances.

    As a child I lived with my Mum Brother and Sister both a few years older so was left up to me to look after my Mum, she was 40 when she had me and 60 when she died.
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  4. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    Sorry, I went to many schools, lived with many people also missed a lot of Schooling leaving it hard for me to get jobs.

    Although I did go to Night-School after having my kids.

    My marriage ended and I lost my house then my job, then found another job and a man so moved in with him but my eldest son went to his dads.

    This man throws us out one midnight making me homeless, I then got a flat lived over a year with 2 plastic garden chairs a put you up bed that's it.

    I then founnd out the man had been arrested for been a pedo.

    I was on my own for 5 years before I went out with anyone else 4 months and he stole from me, that's it I'm done with men as for going out with one.

    I have never had the life I have always dreamed of which is to own my own home a 2/3 bedroom, have insurance for home and me, to have the odd holiday, treat my grandchildren and may even have a little dog again, is this all too much to hope for?
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  5. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    Like I said I am 55 soon to be 56 have no savings so no hope of getting my own house, nothing to leave when I die. I'm not in the best of health myself and don't want this to be it for me, so if anyone could help then it would be my dream come true. x
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  6. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    I sometimes think I'm a sad old devil asking for money/house as plenty of people worse off than me, I may sound a selfish person but over the years I have done bits to help others, maybe not with money but other ways. When I was a child every Christmas, well just before, i would sort out my toys and take any i no longer played with to the Children's home over the road from us, I helped out at a monthly club my Mum went to for people with Romertison, I aslso started going to Bradford center for the deaf nd help when ever there was a do on. I use to offer to walk dogs for older people that lived round about us or baby sit, as i got older a girl at School had a baby just after we left I had him most weekends for the first 2/3 years so she could go out, when I had my own I started doing the shoe boxes and roped family and friends into doing them, when my son's started Cub's I helped out then be came a leader, sent there old toy's to plase's like Africa and to top it I have and still do buy homeless drinks and sandwiches, so you see you don't have to have money to help people worse off, every little helps as they say.
  7. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    I hope I'm doing this right, how do I know if the right people can see this ie millionaires/billionaires and how long dose it normely take to find out if anyone can and will help, has anyone ever got help ? when ever I come on it seem i the only one on here, hope to hear from some one again with answers, Regards x
  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hello, @S Foster.

    I am sorry to hear about your circumstances.

    I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that things improve very quickly.

    I am sorry to hear about your family and how you're losing your son.

    I am also sorry about all the failed relationships you have had with men.

    I would advise you to pray passionately to God so that you are given the right path to walk on. Pray for opportunities, pray for better health, pray for better relationships.

    You should also keep a positive mindset and forget about the past and look forward to the future. The more you look forward to the future the more opportunities will come your way.

    Your top priority should be to get a job. This could be any job so you have regular income coming in.

    You should also see if you are eligible for any state benefits so you can supplement your income.

    You must save as much as you can because this will help you with your future.

    You can set up Crowdfunding campaigns on sites like GoFundMe.com to ask for help, I will share the campaign on my Facebook and Twitter account.

    I sincerely pray your circumstances get better and I wish you all the best.

    Please, feel free to keep the conversation going. God Bless You.
  9. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    Thank you for you're kind words but I think you have miss understud me. I have not lost my son just feel like i am sometimes as I work for him and working for family is never a good thing. I know albout benifits as was on them for 7 years and if could save would but sometime only just have enough to pay bills that's why on here. Dose anyone ever get what they wish for as for praying I do offten but my life not changed so far so why would it now with out help another reason on here. Regards
  10. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    How do I know who and how many people are/have read my messages? how can I get the right people to see my messages ? I'm not shore if I'm doing this right.
  11. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    Well another bad night living in this hell hole block of rented flat's, had to call the police out again 2 lads carrying on in stair well, I really don't need or want this, Please lord set me up in my own home so I can feel at peace and know I'm secure for life.
  12. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    I'm 56 soon would be the best gift ever to be in my own home and I would have a Christmas family party, my family is not big but my bro is almost 70 and my sis in her mid 60s we all live about 2hurs away would be nice mybe are last Christms together and They would be proud to see me own my home and a first for me to have a family party.I know i'm going on but really am praying I get my home.
  13. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    My Second Wish.
    Hi I know my first wish is a very big ask and to be honest I can't see me ever getting it answered so, I have a second which is to have my duet paid off (about £2000 ) and get this flat done up if I must live here. I have a board on Pinster which i have put the thing's I would like (nothing really expencev ) also a wish list on E Bay UK. I have had 3 prices for blinds doing for my Windows as can't get them to fit off the shelf and no room to put curtains up, the cost is £500 lowest. Don't know about decorating as for flooring have my old carpet down which has been patched to make it fit. Christmas is upon us and would be nice if wish one was inposseble that maybe wish two could be, as I'v lived like this now for 18 months her and 9 years when I was in Bradford and unemployed. I am working now but low pay and on 4 day a week now season finished, any way that's my second wish (moan) hope someone will help with one of them.
    Hope someone get's there wish today,
    Susan x
  14. S Foster

    S Foster Specialist

    No one seem's to be reading my messages as I'm not getting my questions answered, so don't know if I'm going about this the right way. I'v put a few messages up and only had one reply be it a very nice one, I need to know if I should try something els.
  15. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    The most effective way to raise money online will be through Crowdfunding. Become a member of GoFundMe.com and check out some of the successful campaigns. Learn how to create your own campaign and then share it with people who want to help. I think this is the most effective strategy for you.
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