I desperately need $500 dollars right now!

Discussion in 'I Need Money Right NOW What Can I Do' started by admin, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. admin

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  3. Viacheslav

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  5. Robyn Lanay

    Robyn Lanay Newbie

    Trying to help this family who got emergency custody of these wonderful children and trying to get money for school and other things they need. Getting help from state is going to take a while and they start school next week. Please try to help as much as you can please Thank you so much for reading this.

    ❤❤Please check this out to help if you can not spam

  6. Rosey29

    Rosey29 Newbie

    I am in need of 450 euro

    My PayPal is to be reached on PayPal.Me

    Is there anyone who can help me out please ..? I can not loan money but am kindly requesting if someone can PayPal the money to me out of a good heart .. with love Rosey29
  7. James Conway

    James Conway Newbie

    Yet want brand new graphic card for my computer but prices here are WAY to expensive and yet i am a disbility pensioner who has hearing diffuclties YET love to game and play VR games so if any kind people out there could donate/help me out towards my goal for new graphic card (currently own 960 GTX yet want an 1080 or 1070 TI)

    drakeos_aus / Streamlabs
  8. victorpisk

    victorpisk Newbie

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  9. Romy

    Romy Newbie

    Hello my name is Romy my full names are Romy Marylou Amber short for Rosemary Marylouise Ambrosia I was named after Romy Schneider i myself was born in 1989 .. Mother of Romy Schneider named Magda Schneider was a friend to dad until her passing in 1996 and ofcourse a friend in the afterlife

    I had a car accident at the age of 10 years old on april, 15 in the year 2000 i got hit by a car was inside a coma for 3 or 4 days and 7 day after in a subcoma before fully waking up from the coma in my coma i spoke 2 languages i do not know in this lifetime i spoke Swahili and Hebrew and that is a African language and a Israeli or Jewish language .. I have been told i spoke the 2 languages due to me being African and Isreali in a previous life ..

    I am lookig for some financial assistance i am 29 yrs old and have 1 son of 10 years old


    i am looking for help need 300 euro's if possible it's a 1 time request
  10. Hello,

    I'm Patrick Connolly from Moira, County Armagh in Northern Ireland, my self and my wife Frances Connolly, are the lucky winners of Euro Millions jackpot in the New Year's Day lottery draw (01/01/2019). We pledged to give away 25 percent of our winnings this year 2019. I have decided to donate £750,000.00 to you. If you are interested in my donation, do contact me for more info. I will also want you to be part of my Charity Foundation once you receive this money so we can join hands together to help the needy.

    You can also read more about me via the link below
    Frances and Patrick Connolly say they are 'overwhelmed' at their £115m win. - BBC News
    Contact me via Email for more details:pattrickconnolly@gmail.com

    Warm Regard
    Patrick Connolly .
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