I don't want to give up hope

Discussion in 'My Story' started by Phylesha, Apr 18, 2018.

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  1. Phylesha

    Phylesha Newbie

    Good evening everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my post. Since last year I have been planning this trip to Africa. I had it all under control until I ran into a financial crisis. Sometimes I feel like my life is cursed. and Im trying my best not to lose faith but I have no one supporting me right now. I can never do ANYTHING for ME! I dont have many friends and most of my family are deceased. I am a very selfless woman and for the first time at 30 I've decided to do something for me. Most of my life I've been forced to take care of children who aren't mine because I felt obligated living with someone. In reality I feel used. I'm depressed and I am literally caged up. I don't go out or do anything. I always do things for others and I just want to do this one thing...just this one thing. For my birthday I got a DNA test and I decided that whatever region showed up in my DNA the most I wanted to visit there to have a taste of the life of my Ancestors. I also planned to volunteer for the ones who are less fortunate since I will be staying there for 2 months. Right now I am trying to raise enough money for my plane ticket , my place of living, and the food ill need while I'm there. Since I've been planning this for a while I set dates to leave by June 13th, but that may all change now. I do have a donation link but I am not sure if its allowed here, so please let me know. If so I will post it..I am only asking that if you cant help contribute..contribute by sharing my link. I have met some really nice people through prayer groups in Ghana and I want to be a part of the mission to help those in need. Thanks in advanced. God bless you all

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