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  1. Mon

    Mon Apprentice


    I don't know how to start.

    I am a single mother and I have a 2 years old son.

    I had a 6-year relationship and my EX and he left me 4 days before the wedding with 14 months old baby.

    He left me with no money, no place to live and if I had no parents we would end -up on the street.

    Anyway, I come from a poor family where we never had enough money.

    My ex-boyfriend found another woman and always laughs at me that I am left with no money and as a single mother and for him I am worth nothing

    He constantly puts me down and makes me feel very low and he is treating me very bad.

    In this way, I have decided to ask you for a financial help so I could afford to buy a place to live for myself and my little boy.

    So we wouldn't have to worry about the roof over our head.

    In Slovakia, the financial help for a single mother in need is actually nothing that's why I am trying to ask you for help.

    If it would be possible, then I would need a minimum of 170 000 euro or dollars.

    I know that this is not a small amount but in Slovakia, the houses and flats are so expensive and salary too small.

    At the moment I am on maternal leave and my monthly allowance is 220 Euros per calendar month so from that I cannot survive and it's very hard.

    I wanted to go to live and work abroad but my ex-partner doesn't want me to go anywhere with my son.

    I am also trying to win the Lottery but I just have no luck at all.

    I know that many people write to you but if my story has touched you at all then I would be very happy,

    If you would help to me and to my little son so we don"t have to stay out on the street.

    Thank you very much for your attention and if I have troubled you I want to apologize ...

    Thank you very much ..with best regards Monika.

    My e-mail address:
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  2. mj123

    mj123 Apprentice

    Hi my name is Mark Carbaquil thanks for this opportunity hoping that this site can grand my wishes,actually im not good in English my English is very poor i hope you get my motive to asking help to this site.Im come from poor family my father have no permanent jod,and my mother is a dressmaker we are in the barangay which is also destitute in many things the source of income of many people is call asyenda which means that you work to people ho have big land of sugarcane,but lot of people have no work because its limited of hiring in and my family are hoping that someday they are group of people that have an aspirations to help poor people that thy didnt asking back of what they give. pls help me help my familly even this message is limited of explining...i want to tell more but i didnot know how to say in words or what words that im going to use to say many things in my mind. im asking To the people have a good heart pls help me, we need money to sustain our needs pls share your blessing even the small amount of that is a precious to a person like me..pls help me.can you send $8000 but if it is to much big amount its up to you how much you want to give. my paypal account is PayPal.Me/MJPH thanks to GOD...Thank you very much
  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Please, can you post a message in one place so it is easier to keep track? I have replied to your same post here:

    I really need your help please... | Find Some Money
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