Need help but this might be fate?

Discussion in 'My Story' started by Don w, Jun 5, 2018.

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  1. Don w

    Don w Newbie

    Well been an interesting last five years to be sure. Had unsuccessful surgery and need it done again but I would have to pay for it and I have not had insurance in five years. Moved into my dads house to help him while he was dying of cancer and that is passed. Figured that is what you should do and it just set me back and still glad I did it. Just got approved to see a doctor through the state and not getting the services I need because I don't get to decide anything. This is just sounding dumb now? Going to post quick and good luck to anyone who just needs a break! It does happen! Don't give up! I will not and even feel bad posting. Sold car and trying to sell what I have left and just not getting anywhere. Simple, need surgery to get back to work and a car to be able to travel longer distance to find employment which is my goal and will be. Plus I need to stay close to my Mother because she is getting older and I have to take care of her and the house as well as people trying to rip her off and calling everyday about things that medicare will be charged for. This is the way it is and I am lucky I don't have kids or wife. Kids should always be the key to raising good people and someone to be there for you when you get older. Guess maybe I'm just scared it has been taking so long to get it going. I did get a tax return last year when only making under $3000! Help!!!!! Need to get back to working for my social security! Doubt I will see it. Will not apply for disability as well because I know I can work just need a chance!

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