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Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by admin, Nov 9, 2015.

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  1. John V

    John V Newbie

    Hi, My name is John V and I'm just curious who can I talk to about getting donations!? Any amount of $$$ helps, I just want to take my kids on a vacation! (I have 4 children, Lamara(13), Emerie(10) Merik (7) & Atrian (1). I work at Domino's, but live paycheck to paycheck. If anyone knows please let me know.

    Thank you! (for paypal account)
  2. Paula

    Paula Newbie

    Hello anyone willing to lend me £25,000 and I'll set up a regular transfer each month to pay it off?? thanks
  3. Tomas Tivi

    Tomas Tivi Newbie

    I sent letter for you asking money but I ask i fink too much but for me realy ned this money for start evherifink from zeroo .. i just get merred last sumer now i have baby nice geol .. i hard vorking but stell not inaf money too much ekspences now me need 5000 pound just gyve back sam money for people end just start new job i welder now vorking but have just 350 a week it not inaf renting flat cost me 850 plus bils a month 1300 ... I realy good vorker end just need start new job for much beter money but just needed monay for start If you vanted i kent pay you back this money when I be stronger of money ... not good on englisch rhiting .. I live in LOndon plyyz help me start new life ... acount number 50062068 sort code 30-96-17 or just borow for me for 2 yer time thanks
  4. marines 18

    marines 18 Newbie

    hola , estoy buscando alguien que puede prestarme un préstamo de 10000 euro reembolsable en 3 años para montar me tienda online y salir de me situación económica , tengo 44 años y vivo en madrid :
  5. izlude

    izlude Newbie

    Hi there, looking for $1600. Will be up front. I've asked various "ask a millionaire" sites, no response. Made a GoFundMe: Fundraiser by Anthony William : Sewing up a storm! still nothing even after 10 days.

    I'm trying to get this embroidery machine as a means of launching a very unique line of apparel. They are pre-licensed patterns, so they are sellable. The machine has an alignment issue yes, but it can be fixed quite easily.

    I can pay off the loan in intervals of $66 a month for 24 months, or a little more should I start generating revenue with my projects. I have a printer and a plotter and heat press. I do shirts and other clothes. Help a fellow out, either buy the machine outright and ship to me (then bill me monthly) or help me out directly via paypal. Your choice <3 Thanks for your time! Contact me via private message if you need the item link or address. Thanks!

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