The golden years ain't so golden...

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by MaryLou, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. MaryLou

    MaryLou Newbie

    :(My husband and I are victims of Hurricane Sandy. We have had a rough start. Our application was lost. When it was found, the state ran out of money and we had to wait for the next round of grant funding.

    The program hired a privatized agency and assigned us to a project manager to help us get the grant money in segments. I’ve been through approximately 7 project managers. None of them came to my home to check on the contractors or the work that needed to be done or that was done. I hired contractors who, the first contractor tried to rip us off for $30,000, the other didn’t do the work properly. I called my Congressman for help. He had a Rep. from his office help me. The Rep. helped us to get the money released so we can continue with the project. He also mentioned that the program was hiring a new company and I will be getting a new project manager. We had to hire another contractor (number 3) to get my home bolted and strapped to the 9ft foundation and do the other work that is needed to be done. Meanwhile, the 2nd contractor had our home lowered to the foundation without doing the proper preparations and work to the foundation. I failed inspections. We had to call an Architect in to figure out how to bolt and strap my home to the foundation without lifting my home again. He is working with the engineer. Today my husband met with the Architect and Contractor. They said the floors and sub-flooring had to be all ripped out because of mold. I did have two mold remediations already. Sheetrock has to be ripped out in order to attach the proper bolts to the foundation. Siding has to be taken off and replaced. The two bathrooms and the kitchen have to be totally gutted. All our copper plumbing was stolen. Our homeowners’ Ins co. changed our policy to a dwelling policy because we weren’t living in the home and said we weren’t covered for the stolen plumbing. We still need to replace the retaining wall, walkways, steps fences etc... The well has run dry...It’s one thing after the other....I'm praying that I will be home for Christmas and have a wonderful Christmas dinner with my family.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..We don't want to lose our home.

    It's tough when you get older. The Golden Years ain't so Golden. :(

    From all the stress, my husband needed open heart surgery in 2013. He had an aortic valve replacement and a bypass. He is a disabled Vietnam (In Country) Vet who already suffers from PTSD, Sleep Apnea and other medical problems related to agent orange. He served during “operation junction city” He was a door gunner on a Chinook and was shot down somewhere by the Cambodian border. My husband and his men were surrounded by the Viet Cong. If it wasn’t for the brave 199th light infantry my husband’s name would have been on the Memorial Wall with his fallen brothers. May those heroes rest in eternal peace. PTSD never goes away, no matter how long ago the war was. It sometimes gets worse with age. With all this aggravation with Sandy is just another trigger for him.

    To our men and women in uniform, past, present, and future, God bless you, Welcome Home, and Thank you for your service.

    Are there really millionaires out there willing to help us? :(
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