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Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Carl f, Aug 23, 2019.

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  1. Carl f

    Carl f Newbie

    We are a disabled married couple.We both get SSDI benefits,snap,and comodities,but we live off very little money we get by the time we pay bills we are broke.We are both physically disabled permanantlyMy wife is in a wheel chair,and i use a cane,back brace,wrist splints. we are only late on our credit cards.we are not able to pay them off.we need a new handicap van to be able to go to and from the doctors office,and shopping.we hav a car but it is hard for my wife to get in,and out of it.i am still able to drive.We need at least $5,000.00 cash to get our debts caught up so it will not be as hard to manege our budget.We need a grant to purchase a handicap van.My wife,and I both need surgery,but they turned her down because they said she was high risk,and the doctor told me surgery may or may not help me.I have multi illnesses. 1,psoriatic Arthritis in knees,back,elbows,and shoulders.I have carpral tunnel syndrome in my hands,and wrist,and last i have a stress,and anxiety disorder as a result of 30+ years working in security,corrections,and some law enforcement.I just could not handle the physical or mental requirements anymore. i am a veteran,but i was medically discharged,but was not in it long enough to get any benefits.my wife has crippling arthritis,a belly button hernia,and a bad hip that needs replaced,but they will not operate on her because they said she was high risk.i f you are a millionaire,and can help us we would be very grateful to you.If we could get at least $50,000.00 to buy the van,and $5000.00 to catch up with our bills we would never ask for anymore money.we just need a hand up,not a hand out.please try to help us if you can.you can email me at: nightwatcher200031@yahoo.com we can make it for sure if you can help us.We are christian people and live a good clean life.please help us.I can only pray that god will touch someone to help us,and we give god all the glory,honor,and praise. Carl Frye.
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