How to Write an Email Asking Millionaires For Help

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How to Write An Email Asking Millionaires & Billionaires for Help

  • You can write emails asking millionaires and billionaires for money
  • A handful of Millionaires do try and help people who are in real need
  • Billionaires and Millionaires have charitable foundations to contact
  • You could eventually get direct money or help from Rich People

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I know a lot of people who have written emails to millionaires and billionaires asking them for money. Some of these emails have been rejected while others have been accepted and money has changed hands. This is for real! In this post I will be explaining how to write an email asking millionaires for money. At the end of the post you can have a look at the sample email asking millionaires for money. You can use this template to construct your own email asking millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists for money. 
Billionaires and Millionaires like Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg really do help a handful of individuals who genuinely need help. The most important thing to bear in mind is being honest and open when you contact millionaires and billionaires via email.
  • You must be open and honest when asking millionaires and billionaires for help via email
  • Always ask popular billionaires like Bill Gates and Ellen DeGeneres for help

Do You Really Need the Money?

Before you write an email asking millionaires and billionaires for money you need to think real hard. Do you really need the money? Most millionaires and billionaires only help people who are in real need. If you have income coming in and are rather well off then the likelihood of getting money from millionaires is very low, although not impossible. If you are in severe hardship, then you can and should ask millionaires for help.
If you don’t need money you could email millionaires or billionaires asking them for a job or for advice and mentorship. A handful of people I know have contacted billionaires like Bill Gates and have received life changing advice. If you are chosen because you have written a genuine email your life will almost certainly change.


What Kind of People Will Get Help?


From my own personal experience millionaires and billionaires will give you help if you are experiencing one of the following
  • Need urgent medical attention and have nowhere else to turn to
  • Are living on the street and want to better your life
  • Want to study and have no prospects
  • Want to get a business off the ground
  • Need help caring for family
  • Have been caring for family for a long time without a break
  • Disabled people
  • Need mentorship
  • Want a job and can make a difference
There are other circumstances millionaires and billionaires will consider however from my own personal experience and from talking to other people who have received help from millionaires and billionaires, these are the circumstances when these rich people open their wallet.


Who Should You Contact for Money


You should contact as many millionaires and billionaires as you possible can. The bigger your mailing list the more chance you have of getting a response. You won’t get money straightaway so refrain from giving your bank account details because it looks as though you’re being presumptuous. Some of the millionaires and billionaires who have given personal donations to people in need include
  • Bill Gates of Microsoft
  • Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway
  • Oprah Winfrey chat show host
  • Ellen DeGeneres chat show host
  • Larry Ellison of Oracle
  • Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook
  • George Soros Investment Manager
The best way to contact these billionaires and millionaires via email is to go through their charitable foundation. All the billionaires and millionaires mentioned above have their own charitable foundation with an email address. When contacting millionaires and billionaires via email you must address the email direct to the billionaire or millionaire.
You could also try guessing the email addresses of millionaires and billionaires. There are a handful of people who have successfully guessed the email address of people like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey by simply trying permutations of their names along with different email providers such as or It does work sometimes.
The millionaires and billionaires above have helped people all over the world so contacting them makes sense because they want to help people in GENUINE need. When writing your email to these millionaires and billionaires asking for money you should try to make the message personal. Do not write an email and then copy all the millionaires in together because your email will be deleted immediately. Your aim is to build a rapport with these millionaires and billionaires so you can eventually ask them for money or a job.


How to Ask Millionaires and Billionaires for Money


Introduction – What to Write


When you write your email asking billionaires and millionaires for money you should always start by introducing yourself and then go on to write about your personal circumstances.
You can write about your present circumstance and then perhaps dip into your past explaining how you were never given an opportunity. You should then ask the millionaire or billionaire for help.
Do not ask for money straightaway, your aim is to get your foot in the door. Billionaires and millionaires who give money are not stupid, they know you will ask for money so be patient and then reap the rewards afterwards.


Main Part – What to Write


In the main part of your email asking millionaires and billionaires for money you should state the help you need. You can ask for an opportunity to better your life through hard work.
Ask the millionaire or billionaire for an opportunity to get yourself out of poverty. Always try and relate your present circumstances with the millionaire’s life so they can relate to your hardship.
If you can strike a rapport and cord with the rich people, there is a chance you could get the help you need to get your life back on track quickly.


Conclusion – Finishing the Email


In the final part of your email summarize your personal circumstances and the help you need to get yourself out of your hardship. Try to keep the final part short and sweet and never beg for money or give the millionaire or billionaire you are emailing your personal account number because they will find it offensive.
Before millionaires and billionaires give away money they get their people to do extensive checks so you should be honest and upfront at the beginning. Your only aim at this stage is to build a rapport with the billionaire in the hope that they will mentor you or give you advice, if you can reach the first stage the money will come eventually either directly or via an insight the millionaire or billionaire will provide.
  • Never beg Millionaires or Billionaires for money when you email them
  • Never give your bank account details as its presumptuous
  • Your aim is to build a rapport, if this happens money will inevitably follow

Sample Email Asking Bill Gates for Money


Dear Mr. Gates,
Thank you for taking the time to read my email I appreciate it very much. I want to reach out to you because I think you can help me. I am a 25-year-old father with a large household and I am on a minimum income. I do not want any handouts and I just want the opportunity to explain my circumstances. All my life I wanted to become a Doctor to help people. I came from a poverty stricken family and my parents could not fund my education. I could not afford to pay for my own education and I did not want to get into debt because I have a family to large support. I am still passionate about being a Doctor and I think this is where you could help.
What I need is assistance to further my education and become a doctor. Currently I am working so studying for medicine is very hard. I do not want to neglect my family and I do not want to get into debt by getting a student loan. If you could somehow help me realize my dream I could help other people and get my family out of poverty. I am a very driven person which is why I have contacted you. I believe that you have the same drive and determination which I have to get the job done. I admire what you have done with your business and you are my number 1 mentor.
I really hope you reply to this email to help someone realize their dream of being a doctor. My circumstances throughout my life have made it difficult for me to achieve my goal. If you can help me somehow even by giving advice I would be grateful. I look forward to hearing from you.
This email asking Bill Gates for money is short and sweet. It does to beg and it does not ask for a donation to your personal bank account. You can edit this email and personalize it so it reflects your circumstances.


Asking billionaires and millionaires for money by email is not a guaranteed way to get money. Out of 1000 email probably a handful are considered. If you’re circumstance strikes a chord with the millionaire or billionaire you are more than likely to get a response. Emails like the one above have helped people get their feet under the door so it’s worth a try, what do you have to lose?


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