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Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Yssah, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. Yssah

    Yssah Newbie

    Im a single mother and my son is 11 yrs old. I used to worked in a restaurant industry for 17 years .And for 17 years i was helping my family.
    I came from a poor family.but my parents thoughts us about education and to worked hard.when my father died i promised him i will take care of my mother and my siblings ,promised will give them a better life that i failed to give him.
    I full filled my promise..i worked really really hard to give it all to my family and my son.
    But one thing i regret the most is i wont be able to save enough money for my son and me if something bad happen.
    I lose my job recently and had to pay some debts.and i realize no one is helping you and in your "darkest hour " even your shadow will leave you.

    And some people will treat you like a "doormat" because you dont have money anymore.
    After i lose my job im living in "hell"frustrated ,devastated ,i cannot think straight.because i dont know anymore where i can get money to pay our 2 mos rent and in 2 days time we will be homeless and i feared for my son's future.

    But you know what....
    Despite all this problem, my faith in God remained strong and thats because he gave me an" angel " beside me
    "my son".Everytime i looked at him he will smile and i can see the "hope " in his eyes that everything will be alright . he showed me " Confidence"that i can worked it out and he still "Trust " me.

    "Everything happens for a reason and my problems is just a small things compared to others who suffered most .And God will always send an instrument to help you.

    Thats why im here asking each and everyone of you if you could just "lend"me your "1$ "to help me and my son to survived in our bad situation we are facing right now.i promised to pay it back to you
    Once i got a job.we only have 2 days left to pay our rent .Im asking for your understanding im sorry asking money to others is not ok for me i know you had to work hard for it.that why i promised to pay it back to u. im asking for your trust and understanding.Help me to regain back my life for my son.

    com .


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