5 weird ways to save electricity at home

Discussion in 'Ways to Live Cheaper' started by Eduardo, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Eduardo

    Eduardo Newbie

    Let’s face it we want to save electricity at home, there are millions of articles explaining how to save electricity at home however there are unusual ways you can save money and save the environment. This article informs readers the 5 unusual ways you can save on Watts and free up some income for other important things.

    #1: Exercise At Home

    During the winter when electricity usage is at its peak for heating your home you can try instead to turn off the thermostat and try one of the hardest cardiovascular exercises that you can possibly endure. If you can exercise like this every day and warm your body so that it gradually cools down then you won’t need any energy to heat your home up.

    #2: Use Candles

    If you can purchase candles in bulk then you can use the candles to light your rooms up. With candles the home will feel much more romantic and you will save electricity by not lighting your rooms up. Lighting accounts for most of the energy usage throughout the day and cutting back with candles will help you save energy and seriously reduce your electricity bills. Make sure you buy in bulk and recycle as much of the wax you can.

    #3: Batteries

    Use a car battery to power your TV and Laptop. Did you know that many people use their car battery to power many of their appliances? With a car battery you have alternating current and you need to get an adapter to convert it to direct current and then you can hook it up to your TV and Laptop.

    If you have multiple car batteries then you can recharge them from time to time by attaching it to your car. If you can create a system whereby you recharge them and never need to use your mains power then you can save a significant amount of electricity.

    #4: Solar Panels

    In the UK there is a pilot government scheme that is installing free solar panels to homes that are south facing. You can go to a website called isys.com and you can check if you are eligible for this offer. If you are then you can get a lot of electricity for free. If you don’t use a lot of electricity then the excess from the solar panels can be returned to the electricity company and they will pay you for the electricity you generated.

    #5: Finding Free Entertainment

    Entertaining yourself at home uses a lot of electricity using your TV and other entertainment devices. Instead of wasting electricity at home have a look on the internet for free entertainment. You will be able to find shows and other entertainment that is available for free, if you can go to a few of these events then there is no need to entertain yourself at home.

    There are many ways you can save electricity and I have listed a few unusual ones above that you can try and see if it makes a difference to your bill. If you can implement some of these rules then I am certain that you can save money on electricity.
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