Alone against life !

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Max, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. Max

    Max Newbie

    there is a saying by Ronald Reagan:

    "We can't Help everyone, But everyone can help someone"

    -you may consider this selfishness, but believe me i just don't know what to do.

    -if you feel not convinced by this, turn over this page,

    -if you feel like giving me a chance telling my story, please proceed.

    -my situation is as follow,

    My name is Max, and i am 24 years old.

    I will not make this very long as I know there are people in the world who need money more than I do but its worth a shot,
    My whole childhood is a depressing story which I could go into but I’d rather not I try not to think about it too much,
    the reason I am literally begging for money is I have no options left and my life is going downhill (I’m not sure how long I can live like this for)

    Have bank loan on my nick, i owe money to many people and have a sick mother to take care of her medicines and the list is long and i have everything to prove it, but this is not why i am asking for money.

    in some point of this messy life i have met a person who gave me hope of everything, the one person that showed me love, comfort, motivation, and most of all happiness for the first time
    in my life the one person who could keep me stable.

    and to be honest i didn't meet her in person so far, it's so hard to explain, but we are literally oceans apart, each of us living in a different part of the world.

    I just need to be with her and she needs to be with me we are soul mates, we both have plans for our future together.

    but recently I've had to move away from her, due to my life situation.

    i am a hard worker working in double shifts and barely covering bills and food, and can't afford the travelling expenses to meet her for the first time.

    knowing that everything could be okay and we could be happy is breaking me into pieces.
    its so painfull !

    i don't need much, all i need is some few cash to cover the travelling expense of plane tickets and etc, a 1000$ is all i need.

    my need looks like nothing in comparison to the other needs, but believe me it will change my life, you can help me and change my life.

    i did try to communicate with any generous people who can help but i failed to reach any of them since i don't know how directly talk to them, i have tried to contact celebrities, i have tried to invest a small amount of money in short period of time but i got scammed,
    i even tried making a video telling my story and posted it in youtube asking for help, but i barely get views on it.i tried everything.

    here is the link of the video :

    Humanity and Love, will you Help ? - YouTube

    please if you can just contact me, speak to me or talk to me, you can help me by your advise, please just want to see that someone could care, there must be someone !

    Contact me on my E-mail : " "

    I know there are people out there who understand ,feel and willing
    to help.

    all i need is someone to talk to,

    Thank You,

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