Are There Any Charities That Can Help Me With Rent? I'm Desperate

Discussion in 'Charities' started by Newtonion_Dymanics, Sep 18, 2013.

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  1. I'm really behind on my rent, I've finally had to face facts about my money problems and now I'm ready to ask for help. My question is are there any charities that help with rent? Is there a charity that can help me pay my rent? I'm one month behind and the landlord is really beginning to breath down my neck, he's started giving me dirty looks and asking for the money whenever he sees me, it's bordering on harassment. I've explained to him that I've lost my job but he's the type of person that's unsympathetic and only sees everything in dollars and cents, I really like my apartment please help me I'm desperate.
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  2. Raymond

    Raymond Newbie

    If you've lost your job through no fault of your own you could apply for unemployment benefits, you could also apply for rental assistance, there is no need to contact a charity as the government has provisions. If I were you I would grab a pen and a pad and mosey on over to USA.Gov and look for all the help your eligible for. As for the harassment you do have rights and you should not let your landlord get away with making you feel like crap. Good Luck Bro!
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  3. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    I've been there and things do improve with time. I've bookmarked the links to unemployment benefits and rental assistance. You should immediately put it in writing to your landlord that you're experiencing financial hardship and he will get the money once you've sorted yourself out, if you feel that you're being harassed ask him to communicate only by letter and not face to face. Next thing you need to do is apply for unemployment benefits and rental assistance.

    There are three programs for rental assistance, the first one is where the landlord accepts payments from the government and offers subsidize to the tenants, the other one is low income housing and may involve you moving, finally the most popular one is section 13 which gives you payment in the form of a voucher which you can use to make payments towards the rent. Hope this help, take action now!
  4. Rayhan

    Rayhan Newbie

    This is a great video on how to file for rental assistance, thought I would add it here, you might find it useful.

  5. I found this really useful article on the NY Times about how a tenant sew a landlord over harassment. You should definitely print this off and read it.
  6. bogie79

    bogie79 Newbie

    A option is to look into rapid re housing and homelessness prevention

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