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Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by James Nuzzello, Aug 31, 2014.

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  1. Hello, my name is James Nuzzello, and pen name, Jimmy Nuzz. I have also created my own unique catchy phrase I use at the bottom of every story ever written by me. 'Be immune to rumor' I developed while thinking about a lot of things. Basically human nature for one thing, and people's ability, or appetite to get so involved with living by rumor.

    I just really can't stand it personally. I have traveled all over the United states over the last thirty years. Some areas of our nation have nicer people. Especially Arkansas, and I have found the further south I went. The nicer people were until you reach Florida. Then it's like everyone is all mixed in again. Arkansas was absolutely the best people I have ever met.
    I am originally from New Haven Connecticut and lived there until the age of 28 until I realized it was time to see the country. If anyone is from New England, it's kind of backward. The more north you travel, the nicer people become. Maybe it's the cold weather which stops them in their tracks or something.

    New Englanders are not known for their niceness. Personally, I have a hard time changing faces, and putting on the nice act. I really can not tolerate plastic people, and do not dice words unless they're genuine. I avoid conflict at a drop of a hat. I would rather avoid an argument unless it's messing around with light philosophical views during an intelligent conversation. Otherwise, there is no point in it.

    After leaving Connecticut in 1989, and lived in Iowa, which I grew very fond of. I found a Chicago Printing Ink firm seeking experienced ink technicians. I almost landed a job in Oregon, Portland was beautiful. Unfortunately, the company hired someone else, and I landed in Chicago for two weeks, and then it was on to Clinton Iowa. I managed to sock plenty of money away because Iowa is a low cost of living state, and I happened to be working so many hours. I didn't have any time to spend money.

    The nicest people I ever met, and something which will always stand out in my memory. Is when I first moved to Iowa, as I was driving down the road. I took me a while to figure out, they were waving because of my Connecticut license plate. It's kind of reverse, you see people waving to a farmer riding a tractor. So it was a little confusing with the shoe on the other foot.

    After landing another job several years later, by later I mean taking a year off in between to spend some of my hard-earned money. I flipped a coin for either Mexico or Melbourne Florida. I never knew it got hot in Florida, because all I did was live the night life, and fish. Bought a Mustang 5.0, a single man's trailer, and lived it up. I gained weight living in Iowa, 185lbs, while my normal weight should be 135. Three meals a day, and heavy desserts leave you living that expression 'corn fed.

    I never talk about myself no matter what. I only open up when there is a cause for betterment for it. If talking benefits me or especially someone else, opening up is allowed. Nowadays, though, if it has to do with writing. I believe my door will be open more and more, just because it's so damned interesting. Well, there really isn't too much more to indulge into on my life. Unless someone finds this guy sort of an interesting character, and have a question or two or three or more they want to know...good luck, though. Thank you very much for allowing myself the short introduction. Hope and peace be your destiny, end of story. 'Be immune to rumor' Jimmy Nuzz
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    Hello, @James Nuzzello and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. It's good to have you here :)

    I read your entire post which was very pleasant. I will definitely check out 'Be Immune to Rumour'. Please feel free to write about your experience and inspire other people because we need inspirational people like you here. I wish you all the best.

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