Best 25 years dividend increasing stocks - stocks that rise dividend payments every year

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    The 25 year dividend increasing stocks is a group of companies which have been paying rising dividends every year for at least 25 years. In this list I’ve put together from my stock screener shows 85 stocks some of which have even been paying increasing dividends for 59 years!

    If you’re a new investor who wants a better rate of return then choosing dividend stocks from this list will enable you to build a portfolio with a solid foundation. If you can analyze this sample of 85 stocks and choose the ten best 25 year dividend increasing stocks by using fundamental and technical analysis you’ll end up with a very strong portfolio.

    Best Dividend Paying Stocks

    The key to successful investing is keeping an eye on the long run and choosing the best dividend paying stocks; if you have strong objectives, realistic targets and spend time researching then investing in the stock market can be rewarding.

    Unfortunately many investors are lured in with high dividend yields only to find that their capital has depreciated much more than the gain they’ve made through the dividend yield.

    You ultimate aim should be to build a portfolio which consists of fundamentally strong companies which have been technically analyzed for optimal opening prices. The sample of top dividend paying stocks for 2013 below is a great place to start.

    Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

    Fundamental analysis is the method by which an investor assesses the strength of a company, this will allow you to strike a balance between good dividend paying stocks and the highest dividend paying stocks.

    If you are unfamiliar with fundamental analysis then I would definitely recommend which has excellent resources on the subject. Fundamental analysis involves asking critical questions about a company’s financial balance sheet, some of the questions you should ask are as follows:

    1. What is the market capitalization of the company?
    2. How long has the stock been trading?
    3. What product or service does the company offer?
    4. Do you really believe in the product or service?
    5. What are the PE Ratio, PEG Ratio, Net Asset Value, and Book Value?
    6. How long has management been in place and what is the company’s vision?
    7. Has the profit, revenue, turnover and stock price been increasing for the past 10 years?
    8. Are costs under control? How much leverage does the company have? Does the company have bad debt?
    9. Is the company a market leader? How much is invested in research and development.
    By taking the time to ask these fundamental questions you’ll be able to separate weak companies from strong companies and rank them according to strength. If you can then pick the stocks which have a good balance between fundamental strength and dividend yield then you’ll have a portfolio with a solid base.

    High Dividend Paying Stocks

    You should also take the time to technically analyze your high dividend paying stocks; technical analysis will really help you to get the best opening price at every support level. If you’re unfamiliar with technical analysis then the educational resources on is a great place to learn.

    If you can technically analyze your high dividend yield stocks you’ll make more money and avoid spending less time in loss making position. Ideally what you want to do it try to marry fundamental and technical analysis together while choosing from your sample stocks. Some of the indicators that I’ve used to optimize my opening prices are as follows.

    (1) Bollinger Bands

    (2) Parabolic SAR

    (3) Exponential Moving Averages

    (4) Relative Strength Index (RSI)

    (5) Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD)

    (6) Wilder’s DMI (Directional Strength)

    Your first step is to find the best stocks and then rank them in order or strength; your next step is to choose the best stocks which have good dividend yields. If a quality company pays a 6% dividend yield and a weak company pays 7% dividend yield then it makes sense to choose the 6% dividend stock so you develop a stronger portfolio.

    Once you’ve got your list of stocks you can use technical analysis to find the best opening price. Rather than opening your positions during rallies you can use technical analysis to open positions during pullbacks where the stock has reached the support.

    Dividend History of Stocks

    If you’re looking to take investing to the next level then you could try some advance strategy to preserve capital.

    You can insure every high paying dividend stock in your portfolio using yearly Put Options where the strike price is the opening price, this means that if the stock market were to crash within a year your capital would remain intact and be returned to you.

    Most investors avoid insuring their portfolio because of cost however if you can sell or write covered calls on a monthly basis to finance the yearly put option then you can hedge your portfolio of high paying dividend stocks. This is the process you should be aiming for:

    (1) Fundamentally analyze the sample of stocks which have rising dividends

    (2) Choose stocks that have a good dividend yield along with strong fundamentals.

    (3) Analyze all the stocks technically to find best opening prices and then enter into the position.

    (4) Insure the position using a yearly put option.

    (5) Write or sell covered calls on a monthly basis to finance the insurance.

    (6) Reinvest the dividend payments back into the portfolio.

    (7) Reanalyze and rebalance your portfolio on a yearly basis to remove companies that have become weak with companies that are stronger.

    Best 25 Year Dividend Increasing Stocks

    The majority of investors who have remained in the stock market in the long run have nearly always made a profit. When you’re constructing your portfolio you should be looking for long term investments which offer dividend payments that are increasing with a strong chance of capital growth.

    Having the 25 year dividend increasing stocks as a base will help you build a robust portfolio that will survive the bear markets and flourish during bull markets.





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