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    You should be rewarded for managing your money properly which is why there are credit cards for people with excellent credit.

    If you've been sensible all your life and built up your credit score and always paid your bills on time you should by now have the best credit score and history and when that happens you will start to get the best financial products! mortgages at low-interest rates, low-interest credit cards for good credit and personal loans at preferential rates.

    The key is looking for great introductory rates which is being offered by major lending companies such as MBNA, Capital One, Amex or even Sears Store Cards.

    How Can I Get The Best Credit Card Offers For Excellent Credit?

    Once you've built up your credit you can take charge, it's likely you'll get pre-approved or have easy approval with a high limit. You don't have to worry about secured or unsecured credit cards because you are an asset or benefit to the merchant.

    If you have existing credit cards then check what sort of interest you are paying at the moment. If you're paying a high rate of interest or APR above 10% you need to call up the bank or credit card company and demand that they lower the APR or you will move your debt to a premier zero percent credit card.

    Lending companies and banks will want to keep their best customers and there is a good chance that they will offer their preferential credit card offers for excellent credit.

    Low Interest Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

    If you want to find the top rated credit cards for 2012 and 2013 you need to go to a credit-card comparison site that gives you a list of the top rated visa and MasterCard available on the market. Don't go for anything that has interest and always look for introductory offers such as zero percent for 12 months or even 0% for 24 months.

    Whenever you can demand that the fee be waived before you apply for the top rated visa and MasterCard. If you're looking to make a balance transfer the longer the zero percent period the better it will be for you. If there isn't any zero percent cards in the market then try to get the lowest possible interest rate and fix this for as long as you can.

    What Is The Best Credit Card: For Rewards

    If you don't have debt but still want the perks of having an excellent credit history then you need to consider rewards. There are so many credit cards that offer rewards such as air miles, cash-back and even special gifts. Again you need to do a little research on credit card comparison sites before considering the good credit cards to apply for.

    Air Miles:If you like to travel the world at your banks expense then you should really consider a visa or MasterCard that gives you air miles for every dollar or pound you spend. Usually you get a mile every time you spend $30 so if you put all your shopping, expenses and expenditure on your visa or MasterCard and then pay it off within the 56 day interest free period and you'll start to accumulate lots of air miles. The key is finding the credit-card which offers the most air miles for the least amount of spending, that way you'll accumulate more. These Visa & MasterCard are known as the best travel credit card offers.

    Cashback Reward:Before you send your application for credit cards in 2012 and 2013 check out all the cashback offers on price comparison sites. Cashback visa and MasterCard give you a certain percentage of the amount you spend every month. If the cashback visa-card has a 5% cashback offer and you spend $100,000 in a year then you will receive $5000 in rewards. Cashback credit cards are usually reserved for people good credit as a reward for managing your money properly.

    Special Gifts: There are many gift credit cards for people with excellent credit. If you just want a freebie then check the money price comparison sites for special gifts which come as a result of applying for the visa or MasterCard. Be careful to check the fees and interest rates before you sign up and check if there is an annual fee.

    Making Money From Credit Cards

    If you've got an excellent credit score and pristine credit history and don't want any debt, cashback, air miles or rewards then you should consider making money. Apply for as many credit cards as you can at a sensible rate (one per week), only apply for those cards that have a zero percent introductory rate without a fee for transferring to your current account. The longer the zero percent term the better.

    Every time you successfully transfer the money from the credit card you need to invest the proceeds into a high paying interest account. If you can manage to extract $100,000 from all the credit cards with high limites and secure interest rate of 5% then you can make $5000 in profits.

    Structuring:Make sure you structure your credit card stoozing properly then you can make money every year. If you can extract $100,000 and need $5000 to pay the minimum payments every year then you can invest $95,000 and leave it on autopilot! it's a great concept.

    What is The Best Plastic

    This really depends on what you want from your credit card. The key is knowing whether you want to transfer debt and pay less in interest or whether you want to travel with air miles or get rewards for using the card. There is a specific best offer for everyone, the only thing you need to do is visit the credit card comparison sites for the best credit cards and check what they have on offer.
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