Beware of a scammer named bernard hamilton posing as a member of the good samaritan foundation

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Kat, Aug 11, 2016.

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  1. Kat

    Kat Apprentice

    This person Bernard Hamilton claims to be part of The Good Samaritan Foundation, Inc USA. NOT TRUE!!!... He's a scammer. I sent him an email to the email address he's providing on this site. I need a car donated to me as I'm below poverty level. Bernard Hamilton responded to my email immediately, claiming that The Good Samaritan Foundation will donate $15,000 to me IF I send them a gift tax fee of $280 via western union or money gram. Then their foundation accountant, Doris King in Steubenville,Ohio OR Cynthia Hawkins in Springfield, Ill will send my $280 to the IRS in my name (?). I'm not a stupid person AT ALL. I called the REAL Good Samaritan Foundation in Houston, TX. The lady there told me that they've been getting numerous phones regarding this scam Hamilton is pulling. First of all, Good Samaritan Foundation only donated monies to people wanting to become nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital. Also, whenever a person received a legitimate donation, that person DOES NOT pay a gift tax fee.
    I've reportered Bernard Hamilton to the FBI. The woman at Good Samaritan Foundation will also be reporting this scam. Plus she said she wants to also report Mr Bernard Hamilton and REMOVE his post. He's an evil man preying on poor people desperate for help. I'm trying to stop him before any desperate people send him the $280 or any other monies... Despicable!!!!...
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