Buy used clothes from ebay and save lots of money

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    In an era of austerity more and more people are looking to save money. One idea that I wanted to share which has helped me slash my clothing budget for my family is to buy used clothes from places like eBay, and Craigslist. When you buy new clothes the price you pay is sometimes ten times more than the cost of making it.

    Most clothes are made in third world countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan and where wages are really low. A Nike trainer which costs $100 is usually made for $10 or less. After you buy a new item the value falls significantly, if you buy an Armani Jacket for $500 the after a few uses the value falls to $100 and that’s if you’re lucky.

    #1: Embrace Used Classical Clothes

    If you want to save money on clothes and really slash your budget then it’s time to embrace classical used designer clothes that holds it value. Take the time to look at your wardrobe and determine how much clothes you really need. Most people will nearly always have more clothes than they need. Not only is this a waste of money it’s also a waste of space and time. Time is wasted because you’re using it to buy the clothes and then deciding on what to wear can sometimes be a nightmare.

    #2: How Much Clothes Do You Need

    Working out exactly what you need will bring clarity to your life. When I did this I decided that I only needed 5 shirts, 5 trousers, 5 jumpers, 2 jeans, 10 vests and underwear, 2 winter jackets and 2 summer jackets. Anything else was surplus to requirements.

    By working out how much clothes you need and then selling the remaining will bring life to your wardrobe. It’s better to have a few quality items than a glut of mediocre items. Sell all your excess stuff on eBay as one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. When I de-cluttered my wardrobe I sold the surplus clothes on eBay during weekends when there was free listing.


    #3: Improve Your Wardrobe Quality Every Year

    If you ever get the feeling of buying new clothes try to keep your wardrobe balanced. This means that for every item you buy sell a similar item. Always try to buy better quality classic clothes that retain their value. Only recently I wanted to buy a summer jacket, I sold my old Ralph Lauren Jacket for $20 which I bought on an eBay auction for $15. I then found a classic Armani summer jacket which reached $25 including delivery. I only spent $5 and my wardrobe remained in balance and the quality of the content increased. I am sure that I can sell this jacket a year later for at least $25 or more as long as I maintain it


    #4: Care For Your Clothes & Repair Them

    Another practice that you must embrace if you want to save money on clothes is learning how to care for them. Wear and tear will make your clothes look dull which will make them lose value. If you want to become financially savvy then think of your clothes as an investment, the better maintained they are the better resale value you’ll get. Invest in a textiles set and then repair any damage that you see. If the clothes have lost their colour from repeatedly wearing and washing then learn how to die clothes to give them a new lease of life.


    #5: Make Money Buying & Selling Used Designer Clothes

    The optimal method would be to buy quality designer classic clothes that are repairable. If you find something which is a classic and you can add value to it by restoring it with some die or needle and thread then you can pick up tremendous bargains for only a few dollars, you really can buy designer clothes for a few dollars.

    You can then repair the items and colour them to bring them back to life. Most of the time a quick wash, sew and die will make it look as good as new. You can then wear them for a year and then resell them for a profit. I know people on eBay who buy tattered items for a few dollars and then sell them for ten times what they brought it for! Buying clothes becomes a profitable venture.

    How Much Money Can I Save With Used Designer Clothes?

    Suppose you spend $100 per month on clothes and you’re prepared to embrace used clothes. You could slash your budget to as low as $20 per month. Over a period of 20 years you could save over$£19,200. Suppose you keep your wardrobe balanced by adding value and reselling then you will reach a point where you don’t spend money on clothes and you actually make a profit. If you’re savvy when it comes to shopping then you will almost increase the value of your wardrobe every time you make a purchase.

    Mr Frugal Vs Mr Flash

    To many people this idea may seem ludicrous however there’s no denying the benefits. Suppose there are two people who have the exact same closet. Mr Frugal buys used and Mr Flash buys new. Most of the time people will not know what items are used and what items are new. Mr Flash will save less money while Mr Frugal will make money. Mr Frugal will be able to reach his financials goals quicker than Mr Flash. The only difference is that Mr Flash will find peace 20 years from now knowing he bought new clothes. He might feel regret when he sees Mr Frugal is retired and enjoying life!

    For me the only way is classical designer clothes. I am determined to make profit every time I buy clothes and I’m eventually aiming for a complete set of Armani’s, D&G, CK, & Gucci and so on. I might even reach a point where my wardrobe is so perfect that I no longer need to buy clothes and I can just alternate between all the wonderful clothes that I have. Keeping my wardrobe in balance will give me clarity and make life a little less complicated that it has to be.

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