Can i get cash fast with with bad credit? need solutions

Discussion in 'Personal Finance Q & A' started by Ammo_Ram, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. Ammo_Ram

    Ammo_Ram Newbie

    Can I get cash with bad credit? Over the last 24 months I've been saving diligently and paying off my debt. My credit report is still showing a low score because I've had defaults in the past. My question is can I get cash with bad credit just in case I need access to money? I have a emergency fund but I also wanted to have access to credit just in case I need more money or wanted to get a mortgage or loan in the future. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Many Thanks in advance.
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  2. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    You can get cash with bad credit but you will have to pay a high interest. i'm glad you've been saving over the last 24 months and are in a better position financially. Also its very good that you've got an emergency fund too.

    If you do want access to credit at reasonable rates of interest you must repair your credit. You can use credit repair companies but they charge a lot of money for something you can do yourself. As you've already got a copy of your credit report you now need to audit everything. Find all the mistakes that need to be removed and contact the relevant creditors. Try to settle old credit accounts in full and start paying more than the minimum payment ahead of due date. Make sure you're address is on the voters list and your credit report, this will increase your score. If you have an adverse credit history then it will take about 7 years for these items to be removed from your file. If this is the case you would have to wait that long to get a good rate on financial products.
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  3. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    Rather than asking whether you can get cash with bad credit you should be concentrating on repairing your credit file. Some of the tips by @Simrin are spot on and will increase your credit score quickly. One additional tip I can offer is to stop applying for more credit. Every time you apply for a financial product your score is reduced so it makes sense to stop this and work on building a credit score with existing cards.

    This is what really worked for me. Take out 50% of the credit limit on a credit card. Then pay the minimum payment for 5 months, then over the next 5 months pay twice the minimum amount and then in month 11 and 12 pay off the remaining balance. By repeatedly doing this I was able to increase my credit score considerably and have even managed to get a mortgage. Hope this tip helps.
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