Catholic philanthropists who help people in need

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    All the major religions in the world promote charity and good deeds; in this article we take a look at two Catholic philanthropists who help people in need. Both these billionaires are part of the Giving Pledge which was started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, this non profit organization stipulates that any member who joins must give away more than half of their wealth to help people in need. The two Catholic philanthropists who are really taking things to the next level are Tom Monaghan and Barron Hilton.

    Background of Catholic Philanthropists

    Tom Monaghan – Domino Pizza Founder

    Tom Monaghan is the founder and CEO of Domino’s Pizza, he has an estimated net worth of $500 million of which he has already pledged $451 million to help people in need. Monaghan really believes in helping people in need and explains that he came into this world as a penniless Catholic and will leave this world as a penniless Catholic, he goes on to remark that the only thing that really matters is making a difference to someone else’s life. Tom spent most of his childhood in a Catholic orphanage, he was raised by the Felician Sisters and from an early age he really wanted to help the foundation which had helped him so much.

    Barron Hilton – Hilton Hotel Heir

    Barron Hilton is the heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune, the first Hotel was created by Conrad Hilton and since then the chain of hotels has grown to be the most recognized and profitable hotels the world has to offer. Barron Hilton has an estimated net worth of $22 Billion of which he has pledged to give away $17 billion. Most of the money has been pledged to help Catholic children throughout the world. On his letter to the Giving Pledge Barron Hilton explains that he wants to spend the money where it’s needed most and will have the biggest impact, this includes water development, homelessness, children, substance abuse Catholic Sisters.

    Contacting Catholic Philanthropists for Help

    There is no law that prevents you from asking Catholic millionaires for help, if you’re looking to raise some money or need financial assistance yourself then you can turn to these billionaires for help. Both of these religious millionaires have their own charitable foundation and you can contact them and ask them for money which will go to a good cause.

    If you’re experiencing a hardship which includes help with medical fees, education fees, homelessness, poverty or disaster recovery then there is a good chance that you might get assistance. One of the most important steps you can take is to visit the website for the charitable foundation and check to see what programs are on offer and how you can apply for them.


    Sample Letters to Catholic Givers

    You might need to write a hardship letter to the charitable foundation asking for help. If this is the case then you need to write a letter which really explains your circumstances in details and outline the hardship that you are facing and how you intend to help yourself. You need to outline which programs you are interested in and how it would make a tremendous difference to your lives. You should end the letter by thanking them for any assistance they can offer.

    It’s important that you take your time writing your hardship letter, you should write several drafts in an attempt to perfect the hardship letter until you left with something that reflects your circumstances accurately.


    Contact Details of Catholic Philanthropists

    I have included the contact details of the charitable foundation that Tom Monaghan and Barron Hilton are in charge of. If you’re planning on contacting these millionaires for help then you should take the time to visit their website to see if they have anything to offer that might help you. You should also be aware that these requests could take up to eight weeks to process and patience is the key when asking billionaires for help.

    Tom Monaghan: The Ave Maria Foundation
    1 Ave Maria Drive
    PO Box 373
    Ann Arbor
    MI 48106-0373
    Telephone: (734) 930-3150


    Conrad N. Hilton Charitable Foundation
    30440 Agoura Road
    Agoura Hills
    California 91301
    Telephone (818) 851 3700


    Catholic Philanthropists Who Help People in Need

    Both these foundations offer valuable resources to help people in need, if you really believe that you have a genuine hardship then it makes sense to contact these non profit organizations for help. If however you feel that you’ve got what it takes to help yourself out of poverty and hardship then by helping yourself you allow these non profit organizations to help other people who might need financial assistance even more.
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  2. sweet3

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    I am also in need of 350 for power bill water bill.also please help me phone 3342122170 email rivers
  3. Hi I am desprite. My best friend is a single mother of 4 and has stage 4 breast cancer and cant work anymore. I have been doing everything i can to help but i am making min. wage. I just want her to not have to worry so much this winter 1 step at a time. I am begging for $1000.00 to get her kids winter clothes and christmas spirit! She does not know i am inquiring but i cant stand by and cry anymore! please help! Anything helps!!!! Nichole
  4. Hi my name is Jackie. I am 35. No kids of my own. I am an Irish Catholic who comes from a family of 5 siblings. We lost our Mom 10 years ago, when she was only 47. My lil brother was 9 & my lil sis was 12 at the time. This is going to be the first time in 10 years that all us siblings & their children will be in the same room together. If you could help financially so we can have gifts & a Christmas tree & food to cook, it would mean alot. We arent fortunate in the finance department but we did get by. Please help to make this special.
  5. Kk Martin

    Kk Martin Newbie

    My daughter is a devout Catholic and currently displaced from her boy. She needs help but refuses to ask. She's 1000 miles from home and her son because while doing a job in OKC she fell ill. Very ill and every surgery is supposed to be final but never is. She was just recently injured in pedestrian accident.....this cost her everything. I need help getting this link out for my daughter. She said she couldn't go another Christmas without her son and needs to get home but that's isn't the only thing....she's been thru so much, so young and very successful until recently this has cost her happiness and job.
    This is link to only a glimps of my baby girls story and we've spent everything we had. She's so strong and has always given to others herself....particularly teenagers in need of inspiration outside their circumstances.
    Thank everyone who can get our word and link out.
    Bless you all!
  6. Coyote10

    Coyote10 Newbie

  7. Larry Lewis

    Larry Lewis Newbie

    My name is Larry Lewis. I was a business owner for 9 years. I and my wife vilma ran a small Assisted Living Facility for the elderly. The name of the facility was L&V Sweet Home Care. Everything was doing good until I became injured. I was giving a showing to one of the residents. Upon finishing the shower and before I was able to dry him with a towel. The resident decided to attempt to remove himself from the bath area. Upon walking he began to slip down . I attempted to grab him to prevent his falling. In the process of falling the gentleman mistaking put is arms around my neck as he was falling. The neck and back was bent forward in a awkward matter, with the full weight of his body pushing against me. I attempted to safe his fall use my back to lift is upper body . At that point I injured my back with pain shooting down my right leg and in the middle of my neck. I now have numbness at the bottom of my right foot. I am unable to sit or stand for more than an hour. I have attempted to work three different jobs and unable to do so. I have been force to apply for Social Security Disability. a week ago.

    I really tried for 3 years to work. Unfortunately I had to accept this. It can take up to a year before social security can approve the claim.

    I am asking for 75,000.00 to help I an my wife to pay our bills. To be honest I would rather run my own business, but I don’t believe my neck can handle it . I do have mobility, but must interchange between sitting and standing every hour. I am not a lazy man. I cant afford insurance, I don’t want to loose hour home. We have used up all our savings. There is no one we can go.

    Thank You for your time

    Larry Lewis
  8. Romy

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    Hello my name is Romy my full names are Romy Marylou Amber short for Rosemary Marylouise Ambrosia I was named after Romy Schneider i myself was born in 1989 on august 15 ( my dad is a catholic he also a singer but doesn't make enough money to bring food to the tables unfortunatly ).. Mother of Romy Schneider named Magda Schneider was a friend to dad until her passing in 1996 and ofcourse a friend in the afterlife

    I had a car accident at the age of 10 years old on april, 15 in the year 2000 i got hit by a car was inside a coma for 3 or 4 days and 7 day after in a subcoma before fully waking up from the coma in my coma i spoke 2 languages i do not know in this lifetime i spoke Swahili and Hebrew and that is a African language and a Israeli or Jewish language .. I have been told i spoke the 2 languages due to me being African and Isreali in a previous life ..

    I am lookig for some financial assistance i am 29 yrs old and have 1 son of 10 years old


    i am looking for help need 300 euro's if possible it's a 1 time request
  9. hope2020

    hope2020 Newbie

    Please read it, it's very important. Hello, I'm a trader who wants to invest more in bitcoin, now that it's the right time. Unfortunately my resources are very limited, I'm unemployed and I have a rare, very disabling disease. Please can you give me a little help? Thank you! My future income will also fund medical bills, and house bills. I need it!
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