Desperate for help

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Stephanie Snyder, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. To whom it may cocern,
    To the kind hearted, I hope this message finds you well. This letter is written out of desperation. I don't know to where or who I should write to. I just found this page from googling.
    I am a foreign wife, a 54 year old Filipina. I came to the US 3 years ago as a tourist. Met my American husband the first week of my stay. We fell in Love immediately, because we were both single & lonely. We started living together, on the 5th month he proposed & I said yes. He helped me get my divorce from my ex husband in the Philippines, because there is no divorce in my country. It took us more than a year to finalize my divorce. We got married last year of june 2017.
    Even with our cultural differences, we get along so well. We hardly argue & I thank God for blessing me with this man. I never came here for reasons of, a greener pastures, I stayed & married this man for love. He is not a rich man but he had a stable job & able to support our needs. He is a high end food server, working in a fine dining restaurant as a captain. But unfortunately he fell ill August of last year before filing for my petition.
    We were ready to file for my papers when he started having hip pain in his left side. He started having problems walking, he could only walk a few steps & he would need to stop because of the pain. He's a veteran, so we use the VA for his medical needs. We immediately went to the VA & the first thing they did was an xray on His hip & lower back. Diagnosis is arthritis or sciatica, it was confusing. Then they had him go for ultra sounds & MRI, they said something like lumbar this & that are mis-aligned. Went to see 4 doctors in all, went through 3 cortisone injections which all did not help. All those months with all the doctor appointments & tests, he hardly worked. But his employer was so nice to still let him work, but it came to the point he totally had to stop working because he just couldn't walk anymore. October I was able to find a waitressing job in a Mexican restaurant, no tips & I'm paid $13 an hour. That's another long story that I'm not gonna go through, let me just say this. Sadly my employers are greedy & doesn't give us our tips.
    But at least I was able to find a job & somehow earn something for us. In all these months my husband was in constant pain, non stop check ups & test did nothing for him. One day he was in so much pain he had to go to the emergency. Thank God one doctor, looked into all his test, & thoroughly checked him, he concluded my husband has aneurysm in his stomach. Thus constricting blood & oxygen flow on His left leg, in short his leg was dying. They immediately had him set up for test for surgery, he had surgery last February 16. Even with all the problems we went through, I'm still thankful to VA. Because of everything that has happened & him unable to work for 6 months, sadly our savings was depleted from rent, car payment etc. After he recovered from his surgery unfortunately he was only able to get a part time job. We live in a tourist city, palm beach florida, it is seasonal here, when it's summer there is no business. We are hardly making anything, we already had to borrow against our car. But that did not solve the problem but only added more to the bills we had to pay. His mother is already 82 & only lives on her social security. I have no family here, I don't know anymore what to do & he is becoming depress & even says he's a wash out. I love him with all my heart & whatever happens I have no plans of leaving him. What kind of a person leaves the one they love when hard times happens? No I'm not one of those people... He is my husband & I have promised with our marriage vows to stay with him. But we need help, I'm begging anybody to please help us to keep afloat until he finds the right job.
    God bless you,
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