Desperate single disabled mother help please

Discussion in 'My Story' started by Tina Tull, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Tina Tull

    Tina Tull Newbie

    Hello I am a single mother of 3 living in a motel in Newcastle DE. I have recently became disabled due to Multiple sclerosis due to the disease i became blind in August of this year I am also suffering from diabetes survived cancer and liver damage doctors now say I have ptsd I was forced to resign from my job causing me to lose my income which made us homeless we are currently staying in a motel where we was getting help to pay for but that will run out on the 5th of this month I have no other support or help none of the agencies in my state can help I’m unable to go into a shelter due to my condition I had to send my oldest and youngest with their fathers because I’m unable to care for all 3 at the moment leaving me and my 15 year old alone with no help at all I have applied for public housing but am facing some difficulties like an old judgement and a very high electric bill I was told that I have 10 days to clear up these issues or I will be kicked off the list I am in need of serious help please I’m only receiving 270 monthly and that barely helps us I am in desperate need of a miracle ir blessing I have doing all I can to help us and to no avail I haven’t found any more help as I stated I’ve called agency after agency but no help I can’t lose the only child I have left someone please help me I have no family to turn to or friends it’s just me and my children
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  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post

    I have replied to your post here. Please, can you avoid posting the same content on different threads? Many Thanks

    Desperate single disabled mother help me please | Find Some Money
  3. Hello,

    I'm Patrick Connolly from Moira, County Armagh in Northern Ireland, my self and my wife Frances Connolly, are the lucky winners of Euro Millions jackpot in the New Year's Day lottery draw (01/01/2019). We pledged to give away 25 percent of our winnings this year 2019. If you are interested in my donation, do contact me for more info. I will also want you to be part of my Charity Foundation once you receive this money so we can join hands together to help the needy.

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    Warm Regard

    Patrick Connolly .
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    CLIFTON Newbie

    Hi Patrick,

    .....I sent you an email earlier this morning Clifton (Givon)..... just wanted to connect with you through this forum so you'd know I'm one & the same who's caring for Ilene (with the MS) while attempting to get on my feet to continue to do so......
    ....I look forward to hearing from you with regard to my crucial need for assistance.....


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  5. saniya_n_mellie

    saniya_n_mellie Apprentice

    its most likely a con Clifton, don't be surprised if this Patrick guy promises to give you money once you pay him a fee!
    if he asks for money first, you know its a con. block and move on
  6. Jennifer6

    Jennifer6 Newbie

    My name is Jennifer Hudson the Founder of World Deaf Women Society Located in Arizona, United States. I am writing on the behalf of the foundation that we are offering some help to the deaf and individual that might in need of assistance with financial help.
    Please reach me in contact in other to further and listen to your financial need.

  7. Giá TK Zalo - O789225888 em ở đồng tháp vừa nhắn tin cho bác đấy có gì mai gửi cho em nha số điện thoại em


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