Do You Have a Single Action That Has Helped You Save Money?

Discussion in 'Frugal Tips For The Home' started by Shobir, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. Nick

    Nick Administrator

    Admin Post
    Shopping at thrift stores for some of my clothes. I rarely spend a lot on fashion. I have a custom suit, shirt and pants. A few nicer dress shirts and a nice coat. That's it. Everything else is sales or from thrifting. I usually buy jeans on sale as well, never used. Just can't bring myself to do it.
  2. FavellaMan

    FavellaMan Newbie

    Nice thread. My single action that saved me the most money was to sell my car, pay off the car loan and then buy second hand reliable car. Now my vehicle rarely breaks down and the economy is great. If you want to save money then try buying a cheap reliable economic car.
  3. OggyAnd

    OggyAnd Newbie

    I know this has been said before but my single action which has helped me save the most money was paying myself first. Whatever I earn I now pay myself 40% and then use whats remaining for everything else. It was hard at first for everyone to adjust however once everyone came to terms with the fact that we need to save for the future it became easier. Frugal sites have helped to stretch our income and some months we even save 50%. Pay yourself first! you deserve it.
  4. Father_Nature

    Father_Nature Newbie

    I live in the UK and using comparison sites for my grocery shopping has saved me so much money. Whenever I go to the supermarket for my groceries I'm always overspending, I now have a list and quickly go through the list using grocery comparison sites like and then order it online so it's delivered to my home address. I find the temptation to overspend has been removed and I can search for items to find the best value for money using cost per unit. Normally I would spend £200 per month on groceries but now with this small change in habit I'm only spending £80! Great!
  5. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    Buying in bulk has really helped to save me money. I calculate all the items that I will need for a year like shampoo, toothpaste, soap, washing powder, rice, beans and all the other items that I can store. I then find the best bulk deals for these items and pick them up or have them ordered for free. I calculated that I save on average 30 to 40% per item if I shop like this. I purchase these items with a zero percent credit card and then pay off the balance before the zero percent expires. By using a credit card I improve my credit score and save money. Seriously! Buy in bulk, you'll save money and time.
  6. Leo Ostapiv

    Leo Ostapiv Apprentice

    Well, day-to-day budgeting changed my attitude and lifestyle a lot.
    Speaking about one single thing - this summer I decided that no matter what I have to save at least 50% of my monthly income.
    It's very tough, but I am saving money for investment into business idea, so i have a lot of motivation.

    Books recomendations - they are in the another discussion

    Blogs recommendations
    download mine free apps, you'll have top 50 personal finance bloggers in your smartphone

    P.S Also each time I take lunch from home I create entry in Unsplurge (iphone app). That's the way to see how much I've saved on lunches in long time period.
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  7. Gorcey

    Gorcey Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Unsplurge sounds like a cool app, I'll have to look into it. I think the hardest part about cutting back on things is quantifying the difference and it sounds like this does it so you can see how your choices are impactful. Do you have other apps you recommend which would be good to talk about here? Maybe we should even start a separate section for it? Just a thought.
  8. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    One action that has helped me save lots of money on clothes is learning how to repair them and dye them. Most people would probably throw away a shirt when the stitching opened and check their jeans when it lost their color which is a shame. I now seldom buy clothes and put all my efforts into buying used designer clothes from eBay and then repairing them and dying them if necessary. My wardrobe is full of great clothes and a lot of people admire my taste when it comes to clothes! little do they realize that I pay pittance for them.
  9. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    Very industrious of you, @Shobir ! Did you learn how to do this on your own, or did someone teach you? It seems like something perhaps worth looking into, but I wouldn't really know where to start and don't really have any background on how to sew/dye things myself...

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