Emailing grocery companies for free groceries and coupons

Discussion in 'Ways to Live Cheaper' started by Eduardo, Dec 2, 2015.

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  1. Eduardo

    Eduardo Newbie

    I was shocked when I watched I documentary on Channel 4 Uk TV when I saw a women go to Tesco and other grocery shops and get all her grocery shopping done for a fraction of the price. This women bought groceries which amounted to about £100 and ended up paying about £10 for her items. She claimed that she did this regularly and everybody was missing out by not doing this. If you are interested then I would go to the 4OD site on channel 4 tv to watch the documentary.

    The strategy that people use to get these fantastic discounts is using coupons. The most important thing that you have to do is have a shopping list made out for your weekly shopping. Once you have the list you need to make a spreadsheet for all the items. The next step is quite time consuming however it is essential that you do this. You need to find the company email for the particular product on your shopping list. For example if you purchase Cathedral City Butter then you need to find out their email address by doing Google searches for the companies email address.

    Once you have created your spreadsheet you need to contact the companies, what I normally do is create an email and Blind Carbon Copy all the emails in so I don't have to email them individually. In my email I write that I really like the product that they are selling and would be grateful if they can give me any coupons or vouchers or even samples if they have any available.

    It is true that all the companies will not have coupons on the products however you will find that over time you will acquire more and more email addresses and normally when you send your email out on a weekly basis you will get a lot of response. Normally the response rate is about 30% which means that if you have acquired about 100 emails then you should receive 30 coupons or vouchers.

    Personally I have started my spreadsheet and I am being patient, eventually my list will increase and I will start getting more and more offers. I expect to make significant savings in the future.
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