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  1. Vanessa

    Vanessa Newbie

    Good morning I am an single grandmother who took custody of my. 10yr old grandson did not want him going in a home , I am behind in my rent of $5856 , con edison $680 , owe $4000 total to friends, family , credit cards. Tried taking out loan knowing my credit was bad ( just was hoping someone would give me an chances ms plus I am desperate I am now trying to get my credit straighten out with Lexington. Law firm wish I had been more responsible in my finances. Time is running out for me. I work full time and looking for part time job after 5 pm if you have anything to offer like office cleaning ,back room associate,or if you can give me an installment loan for at least 24 months till I get back on my feet I will sign an form to pay back every cent GOD Bless and thank you for listening
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  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Vanessa and thanks for reaching out on Find Some Money. After reading your story I believe that there are a number of actions you can take to improve your financial circumstances. I have seen many individuals and families who have been in a similar situation and have managed to get back to financial prosperity. There are a number of actions that I would recommend which will hopefully improve your financial position.

    1. You mentioned that you were behind on your rent. The first thing you should do is contact your landlord to explain your financial situation. The last thing you want is to get into a dispute with your landlord over unpaid rent. Normally when landlords hear about financial difficulties they offer more time to pay off existing rents and find ways to lower future rents until you get back on your feet. You should also consider rental assistance offered by the Government is your income is near or below the federal poverty line. The Department of Housing and Urban Development have 3 rental assistance programs which offer subsidized housing, low cost housing and a section 13 voucher to help towards rental costs. I would urge you to look into these options.

      Also you should consider moving to a place where rents are lower. When you downsize your financial situation will improve instantly because you have more cash available for other areas of your budget.
    2. You also mentioned that you are in debt with your family and credit cards. You should contact everyone to let them know of your financial difficulties so your debt does not spiral out of control. Contact all credit cards and ask them to stop the interest and give them a financial statement letting them know what surplus income. Use this surplus income to pay your creditors on a pro rate basis. You mentioned that Lexington are helping your manage your debt, make sure you find out what their charges are so you avoid paying for needless services.

    3. I like the positive attitude you have and your willingness to make money. Have you considered outsourcing your skills on sites like oDesk and eLance. Using these sites you can monetize your skills to earn more money in your spare time. You could also fill out surveys and take part in focus groups to earn more money. You should also offer services on sites like Fiverr to supplement your income.

    4. You should avoid borrowing more money as you're problems will compound more. If you have no options and have no money consider asking on sites like Fund Anything, Go Fund Me and even YouTube. You should also consider asking churches and local businesses for help. Every organization has a discretionary fund people in need so its worth pursuing.

    I really hope the information on this post helps and please feel free to reply for more suggestions. Good Luck.
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