Family battling homelessness

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Emm, Sep 4, 2018.

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  1. Emm

    Emm Newbie

    This is my family.

    Fundraiser by Aydan O’Connor : Help A Family Beat Homelessness

    The O’Connor family has been battling with homelessness since 2012 when they used their savings as a down-payment on a house they would share with Dad’s aging parents. At the time both Mom and Dad were enrolled in college and had little income from a delivery job they shared. Because of this Dad let his parents put the house in their name rather than his. Big mistake. Less than two months later Dad’s parents decided they were going to move his younger sister, husband and infant in and kicked out the O’Connor family. Due to the home not being in their name there was no recourse for them. Since then they have been transient moving from temporary living situation to temporary living situation.

    Because of this both Mom and Dad had to withdraw from college and seek bit employment where they could, however being homeless coupled with their disabilities makes it very difficult to find gainful employment.

    Currently, they are waiting for the LGBT Life Center in Norfolk, VA rapid rehousing program to kick in and help them get settled back into a home. However they need help getting through the next few weeks.

    All of their resources have been completely exhausted. Prior to TAP in Virginia Beach, VA and the UU of Williamsburg VA getting them a hotel room the family was living out of a tent.

    The are unable to fix their transportation as well. For the past six months the car has had no air conditioning or power steering. While driving with no AC is uncomfortable especially in 80-90 degree weather it is manageable, however driving with no power steering has caused Dad to injury his shoulder. More recently, last week, they got a flat on their car and the company they bought the tires from is refusing to honor their warranty.

    The O’Connors just need help getting over these last few hurdles as they continue to fight against their homelessness.

    All donations will go to housing first and foremost, then food and gas as needed as well as repairs on their vehicle if possible.

    Once settled, the family plans to pay-it-forward by working with local non-profits to help others in their current situation.

    The current goal is estimated for room rent and gas. Estimated repairs on the car are $1000-$1500
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