Famous christian philanthropists who help people with money

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    It’s nice to know that there’s people out there helping others in need. You might have come across normal everyday philanthropists, however, you may be surprised to know that there are many famous Christian philanthropists who help people in need too.

    Before you start looking for these wealthy philanthropists it’s worth noting that help is only available to people who are experiencing genuine hardship and have nowhere else to turn to. There is no guarantee that you’ll get help and it could take up to eight weeks to process the application which means that you’ll have to be very patient.

    Asking Philanthropists for Help

    The best way to contact these wealthy Christian philanthropists is through their charitable organizations or foundations. These non profit agencies are there to help people and these agencies run programs to help people from all kinds of background, if you need help with financial despair, help with education or medical fees, homelessness, poverty, domestic abuse of disaster recovery then you could turn to these millionaires and billionaires for help.

    Five Famous Wealthy Christian Philanthropists

    Here are five Christian billionaires/millionaires who help people in need. If you’re thinking about asking for help through the charitable foundation it’s important that you have a hardship letter which explains in detail your hardship and which program you want to apply for, you should also spend some time explaining how any assistance would make a tremendous difference to your life.

    Jon Bon Jovi
    Ask the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation for Help

    One of my favourite Christian philanthropists is Jon Bon Jovi. This rock star has been helping people experiencing financial hardship through his Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. The non profit organization helps people who are homeless and have nowhere else to go; they offer food shelter and help to people to get back on their feet. If you’re experiencing financial hardship then it’s worth contacting the foundation for help.

    Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation
    1635 Market Street
    17th Floor
    Philandelphia, PA 19103
    Telephone: (215) 636-0420
    Email: info@jbjsoulfoundation.org


    Alice Cooper
    Ask the Alice Cooper Foundation for Help

    Another great Christian rocker is Alice Cooper, Alice was raised in a Christian community where his father was a Church Pastor. It’s hard to believe that this Rocker has time for Christianity and philanthropy but he does. Cooper has given away large donations to Christian people in need all over the world and has now immersed himself in helping people who are suffering today. If you want to check the programs on offer from the Alice Cooper Foundation then the contact details are below.

    Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation
    4250 E. Camelback Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85018
    Telephone: (602) 522-9200
    Email: Joy@alicecoopersolidrock.com


    U2 Bono
    Ask the One Foundation for Help

    Another artist that is known throughout the developed world is Bono of U2. This Pop star has been entertaining crowds for over 25 years now and has now branched out into managing bands. Bono is a very religious Christian and takes his responsibility to help his fellow brothers very seriously; raised in a strict Irish Christian community Bono has helped people all over the world with his wealth and has in particular made inroads into helping overcome the AIDs epidemic in third world countries. If you’re looking to raise money for charity then you could contact the One Foundation for assistance.

    Bono One Foundation
    1400 Eye Street
    Suite 600
    Washington, DC 20005
    Telephone: (202) 495 2700


    Prince Charles
    Ask the Princes Trust for Help

    The future King of England also has strong Christian roots instilled in him by his upbringing, he has helped many young teenagers and children in the UK through the Princes Trust which is a non-profit organization designed to help young people reach full potential. If you’re really bright and need some help with your future you could contact the Princes Trust for help.

    The Princes Foundation
    19-22 Charlotte Road,
    EC2A 3SG
    Telephone: (020) 7613 8500
    Email: enquiry@princes-foundation.org


    Oprah Winfrey
    Ask the Oprah Winfrey Foundation for Help

    One of the most generous Christians who have helped people raise awareness of their problems is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has helped her fans on many occasions, sometimes even giving away free cars and houses to help when they’re in need. Oprah has also helped people raise awareness of the problems in America and all around the world through her show which is one of the most popular chat shows ever. The Queen of day time TV has her own organization called the Oprah Winfrey Foundation which is designed to help people who have nowhere else to turn to.


    Asking rich wealthy famous Christian philanthropists for help might be the most important step you take when you’re trying to get your life back together again, even if you don’t qualify for any assistance you might get the advice you need to lead a more happier and fulfilling life.
  2. Hi I am desprite. My best friend is a single mother of 4 and has stage 4 breast cancer and cant work anymore. I have been doing everything i can to help but i am making min. wage. I just want her to not have to worry so much this winter 1 step at a time. I am begging for $1000.00 to get her kids winter clothes and christmas spirit! She does not know i am inquiring but i cant stand by and cry anymore! please help! Anything helps!!!! Nichole nichoe8488@yahoo.com
  3. Kk Martin

    Kk Martin Newbie

    Please read my profile and feeds for an angels request to another. That is my daughter and her son in the picture. She's been stuck in okc due to a business deal and while here, she fell very ill. She went from being the Angel giving to others to the Angel never wanting to ask for help. She's not well, and needs to be with her son for christmas in Alabama.
  4. Hello, my name is Carlos Alfredo Salas Castillo
    I am 26 years old, Venezuelan
    The reason I write here is by necessity
    with 26 years living in Venezuela is not easy
    I have a dream that is studying physiotherapy
    It is a beautiful profession in which you help others
    that's something I want to do, help others someday
    and you do
    unfortunately studying physiotherapy in Venezuela is not so simple
    the government regulates quotas granted to all professions
    study physiotherapy is my dream and analyzing the possibilities
    make the decision to study physiotherapy that I must go to Argentina
    In Argentina the Buenos Aires University, one of the best universities in Latin America
    where they give the profession of physiotherapy free and easy income
    my parents can not pay for my expenses a passage or extra money
    because in my country things are not at all well
    We can barely eat and there are days when we can not eat
    I work and try to save what I can to achieve my goal
    But the little food we can get is expensive and my parents need to eat
    if I achieve my goal would help my parents from Argentina, sending food, medicine and money
    Making this decision is not easy, Venezuela is the country where I was born
    and it pains me to have to leave, but I think my parents also
    prices of plane tickets are increasingly expensive
    and the prices of bus tickets are also expensive
    the dollar in my country is at 1000 bolivars our minimum wage is 22,576 in cash
    and feeding ticket 42,480 that means I can not save much per month
    I still make the attempt, with prices rising all gets complicated
    I do not know if you can help me, I will not say an exact amount of money,
    any help they can offer the estimate it at heart
    If you ever had a dream in life, will understand
    sometimes we try and try but ended up needing help
    why I am here asking for help, I have no one else to turn

    Sorry if my English is not very good.
  5. Я сожалею!Мне стыдно спрашивать.У нас была война...многие пострадали, многие умерли.Дома были разрушены в результате обстрелов, нет средств на восстановление, нет работы и социальной помощи, суды, банки не работают.Моя цель-собрать $ 30,000, чтобы восстановить мой дом.Второй этап сбора помощи более чем 50 семьям остался без крова.Ситуация близка к гуманитарной катастрофе, и это 21 век!Я надеюсь на Ваше понимание и сострадание,человечество.Не оставляйте нас в беде, это очень трудно.Справка, чем вы можете!!Если сумма большая - буду рад и благодарен за меньшую сумму! konstur71@yandex.ru Paypal

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  6. tabbycally

    tabbycally Newbie

    Hello my name is Tabitha and I wanted to share my story in hopes of receiving some help. I currently live at home with my parents, and mom is the only one who is working right now. My father can not work due to health issues and he is currently battling to get on his ssi. As for me I can not work either due to mental and health reasons I am currently in the process of battling ssi also. My father and I collect cans and sell them when we can but it just not enough to help. My mother's paycheck goes towards the bills twice a month but it's just not enough to help either as we still have to rely on food pantries to get us by for the month. Christmas may not happen this year as we have had a hard time recently, as we just lost our car due to hitting a deer and we had to go through the process of getting on from jbyrider which were paying off also. So I am reaching out in hopes of getting some help through donations. I know it's the holidays and people are busy plus money is tight everywhere this I underztand, but if you can please help us even if it's the smallest amount like one dollar, it will definitely help us out during these hard times. I adopted dad has allowed me use his PayPal as donations will go straight into my bank. The Paypal is lingliu2010@gmail.com I am not looking to cause trouble I just want to have Christmas this year as it's my mother's favorite time of year and this year it's a tough one for her. Please if you can help that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

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