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Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Needing Support, Sep 28, 2023.

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  1. I am humiliated, down, in a bad spot financially, but not broken. I have lived on my own since I was 17 years old and have been in debt many times but have always been able to get out of it by working 2-3 jobs at a time. I am currently enlisted (E5) serving in the Navy Active Duty. This past spring and summer things took a turn financially. Having 2 jobs, I had to quit one job due to the military sending me temporarily to another base for the summer. Unable to make ends meet I had to swipe credit cards and just piled up more debt on top of what I already have. I am married and have 1 son. He is 14 and a freshman in High School. My wife has her bills and in the same predicament, but we are literally just trying to stay afloat. Majority of our money has gone to my wife’s older brother who currently has Stage 4 cancer. We contribute heavily to the expense of his diet, his family, and medical care as he is going through chemotherapy and their home just went into foreclosure. We have been contributing once a month and that's taking a toll. The reason I am reaching out is because I am about to deploy with the military and a 2nd job will not be an option for me. I'm buried in debt and pride aside; I am seeking help. Right now having 1 income, there is no way I can provide my part of rent and be able to afford the minimum of my bills. If I am able to reduce or have my bills paid completely off, I would be able to breathe and afford a regular living without having to depend on a 2nd job. I will be able to help pay off my wife's debt as well. The question you asked is to tell you why you should help me? Well simply there are many people who are in need and going through hard times just as me and my family are today. If someone came to me and asked me for $500 today, I would give them $297. If they post on this website and ask for $500, they would probably get it or more. The thing is with me, this $297 I'm giving them is everything that I have to my name in my bank account today. I value people, family, and when I have an opportunity to help, I do it wholeheartedly, always putting myself in the backseat. I am not here to get rich, but to seek help so that I can be able to provide for my family and not stress mentally and financially. I humbly say thank you for anything you can support and just ask for your prayers as I serve my country to protect our freedom abroad. I included my current bills below. I have documents and statements for proof. I don't know if there is a process for this but just included my paypal and zelle if needed. and my zelle email is My phone number is 3347079870.

    Thank you and God Bless.

    MOHELA/DOFED 8534505233KM00019 - $82,342 (Student Loan)
    NAVY FEDERAL CR UNION XXXXXXXXXX4500 - $34,152.00 (My Car)
    NAVY FEDERAL CR UNION XXXXXXXXXX7244 - $33,389.00 (Wife’s Car)
    COMENITYBANK 7788504133371868 - $26,567.00 (Credit Card)
    NAVY FEDERAL CR UNION 406095XXXXXX9133 - $21,341.00 (Credit Card)
    AMEX -3499930055853383 $17,664.00 (Credit Card)
    DISCOVER BANK 601101209254 - $14,505.00 (Credit Card)
    SYNCB/CARE CREDIT 6019183849538194 - $5,000.00 (Credit Card)
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