Fired for being sick too often - need $1000 or homeless

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Rhia, Nov 18, 2016.

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  1. Rhia

    Rhia Newbie


    My story:
    I moved out of my family's house with my boyfriend successfully but everything quickly declined as my apartment was making me ill. I was under an amazing new antibody that helped my skin condition but was taken off due to health complication, and was not given proper after-treatment. I was left to become seriously ill. My bed became moldy - I am allergic - and the carpet flares up my condition due to dust. I left once I lost the ability to see or talk due to the dry skin on my face. Our lease is now up - we have two weeks to leave. I have attempted to save money from a student loan but I'm too ill to attend school. I was fired from my fast food job because they had it in their head I was "allergic to water" which makes no sense to me but I was fired. They also refused to pay me for the first two weeks (i worked there three before they became fed up with me). My boyfriend is taking first and last anywhere we can find but it is difficult seeing as my condition requires specific housing.

    Things to rule out:
    -Payday Loan/Bank Loan: My credit isn't good enough, I've been rejected multiple times
    -Disability: Payments come at the and of the month and we need to move out before Dec. 1st
    -Selling items: I have sold everything of value over the years for food money. Anything else has been unsuccessfully sold.
    -Pawn Shops: I own nothing of value.
    -My boyfriend: He's just gotten back on his feet after being homeless himself. He is also putting everything he makes into first and last.
    -Selling myself: Yeah. I'm currently trying to add money into this by selling pictures and videos of myself through payments over PayPal. Made PayPal $62 in the first couple of days and then nothing. I'm a 20 year old consenting adult so please spare me your judgments. I would be willing to make a video for $1000 for a private buyer but that's inappropriate to ask for on this website. Also I tried the whole camgirl/chatterbate thing and its not working out either.

    Please help me out. I'm depressed, suicidal and at the end of my rope here.
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  2. admin

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    Hello, @Rhia and Welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. I am really sorry to hear about your problems. I've had some serious skin disorders in the past and its very unpleasant because no one understands the debilitating consequences of the disease, my heart goes out to you.

    I don't mean to judge but I think you should avoid getting further involved in the 'Selling Yourself' category. I am just concerned because someone may take advantage of your consequences and then you may enter a vicious cycle which is hard to break.

    Instead, I think you need to talk to the person who is responsible for the lease and ask for an extension. I think you need to explain your personal circumstances and your skin condition. You should also explain that you have money coming in from your disability payments and your boyfriend has an income. This should be enough for an extension.

    If the person or company responsible for the lease does not offer an extension despite your extenuating circumstances you must go to a homeless shelter via charities such as the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army will help you by clearly stating the options you have, they may recommend you ask the Government for help. Given your circumstances someone will help you.

    Also with regards to your skin condition, I think you need to see a dermatologist for immediate treatment. Your condition is what is keeping you from living a full life and it's contributing to all your woes. A great place to start is the American Skin Association American Skin Association Contact them and explain your situation and ask them for advice and guidance. I really hope things work out for you and please feel free to reply to this message or to send a PM. Good Luck @Rhia.

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