Free laptop for low income families - top 10 ways to get a computer

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    Knowing how to get a free laptop for low income families can really help your finances especially if you’re struggling with money. There are a variety of Government programs, non-profit charities and organizations who offer free laptops and computers to low income families.

    If you’re on a very low income and are eligible for programs such as Food Stamps, weatherization programs or rental assistance then there is a good chance that you could get a free computer and low cost internet connection.

    In this Forum Post we look at the top 10 programs offering free computer equipment to bridge the digital divide, we also explore the variety of programs which offer low cost or free internet, software, computer repairs and even office equipment such as desks and chairs.

    1. Recycle The World
    Get Free Electronics Items

    Recycletheworld.Org is a site which promotes giving freely and taking freely, it is a community which has recycle centers all over the world and connects people who want to throw away computers & laptops with people who desperately need them. The great thing about this site is the community spirit and how people go over and beyond to help other people, the site is not only reserved for computers and laptops, in fact you can almost request anything you need from office equipment to household items. You can register for free and then browse all the items available as well as posting a wanted item page explaining what you need and why you need it. Contact details for Recycle the World.

    2. Computer Recycle Center
    Donate Your Old Computer through CRC

    The CRC is a specialist recycling center which promotes the highest and best re-use of computer and electronics equipment. The non profit organization lets people with low income apply for computers and laptops. There are plenty of drop off locations and they even offer business pickups which means that the CRC have access to many electronics equipment. If you’re interested in applying for a free computer then check out the site and be sure to check the Saturday Fundraisers. Contact details for Computer Recycle Center.

    3. Freecycle
    Get Recycled Technology for Your Home is a site designed to recycle almost every kind of household and office equipment, you can get items from staplers to free laptops and computers that are either in good condition and old or just need some minor repair. This non profit organization is completely legitimate and has won countless awards such as the Environmental Award from the US Congress. The way to apply is simple, you go to the site and click on apply for a computer, you read the requirements and criteria, if you’re eligible then you can apply or request a computer straightaway.

    4. Computers 4 Kids
    Free Computers and Laptops for Children

    Computer 4 kids is a non profit organization which offers computers and laptops to children who don’t have access to a computer or can’t afford one, if your family is on one of the Government public assistance program then you could apply and see what happens. This is not a national organization, instead this is a collection of organizations that are run and sponsored by community groups. There are offices in Virginia, California, Philadelphia and Florida. You can find your states program by searching for Computer 4 Kids and then adding your state. Contact details for Computers 4 Kids.

    5. World Computer Exchange

    The World Computer Exchange is non profit organization which is based in the USA and Canada and offers low cost technologies, computers and laptops to those people who need it the most. There are 25 global educational Strategic Allies, 800 volunteers and 750 partner organizations making this one of the largest computer recycling centers in the world. You can donate and apply for computers direct from the World Computer Exchange site. Most of the equipment goes to Schools, orphanages, libraries, youth centers, colleges & university. If you’re on a low income and can show that you need a computer to get more out of life then there is a good chance you’ll be approved for a computer. Contact details for World Computer Exchange.

    6. Free Geek

    Free Geek works by accepting used technology and then using its volunteers and donations to repair and refurbish computers and laptops so that they can be donated to education and low income families. On the Free Geek site you can donate, get involved, and apply for a computer. If you volunteer then you could also get benefits too, your aim will be to bridge the digital divide and in exchange you’ll be eligible for 20% discount on the Free Geek thrift store, a free computer with peripherals and tech support. Contact details for Free Geek.

    7. Technology Assisting People in Need

    Tapin.Org also known as Technology to Assist People in Need is a Microsoft Authorized refurbisher and has been operating since 2003. It is a non profit organization which offers laptops, computers, printers and other electronics equipments to people who can’t afford computers. The Organizations offers all these items to students needing a computer for homework, special needs children, single mothers, and disabled individuals and adults who want to develop the computer skills. You can go direct to Tapin.Org and download an application form and then apply for the laptop or computer. Contact details for TAPIN.

    8. Mic Recycle

    Micrecycle.Org is a New York based computer recycling center which specializes in offering recycled computers to education. Computers are available to students who need one to complete their homework, for individuals who want to improve their literacy and writing skills. These refurbished computers are available to anyone in the Greater Rochester Area who fulfils the requirements and criteria. You can download the order forms from the site and then send it off once you’ve completed it.

    9. Local Businesses

    Another great way to get your hands on a computer or laptop for free is to approach local business and corporations, nearly all these businesses like to help the community out and if they are in the process of upgrading their IT infrastructure then there is a good chance they could give the computer or laptop away for free.

    10. Charities

    Some people who donate electronic equipment don’t bother with recycling sites such as Freecycle.Org, instead they just hand it to their local charities. If you can contact all your local charities and ask them if they have any free or low cost electronics items then there is a good chance you might get a computer for free.

    Free or Low Cost Internet Connection for Low Income Families

    Once you’ve got your computer the next item on your list should be to connect to the internet. The Federal Communication Commission offers a program called The Connect to Compete Program which is partnered by Microsoft, RedemTech, Morgan Stanley and Cable Industries NCTA to offer subsidized computers and internet connection. If you’re family is on the School Lunch Program or Food Stamps then there is a good chance that you can get a refurbished computer, keyboard, mouse, and tech support for $150. Comcast are also offering subsidized broadband at $9.95 per month where activation fee and modem charges are waived.

    Free Computer Repairs for Low Income Families

    The Computer Recycling Center also offers computer repairs if you’re on a low income. If you desperately need to repair your computer to find work or for your studies then there are offices located all over the USA where you can make a request to have your computer or laptop repaired for free.

    Free Office Equipment for Low Income Families

    If you need to set up a nice office in your house where children can do homework and a place where you can look for jobs or further your IT skills you can use sites such as and to find desks, printers, office chairs, and many more items. Your aim should be to create an environment that is fit for study using all the free resources available to you.

    Free Laptop for Low Income Families

    It is entirely possible to get a free laptop with internet connection and create an ideal study area for free. If you can contact every site on this list and see which programs you’re eligible for then there is a good chance you’ll be offered the electronic equipment you need. If you’re on food stamps or another public assistance program then the chances are higher.
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