Freezing interest on credit card debt - is it possible to stop interest?

Discussion in 'Writing Off Debt' started by TheCandyMan, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. TheCandyMan

    TheCandyMan Newbie

    Freezing interest on credit card debt - is this possible? I have been making minimum payments on my debt and its come to a point where the debt is reducing so slowly it would take me 15 years to pay the balance off. I've used balance transfer credit cards to reduce my interest but lately I have been refused zero percent credit card balance transfers. I can no longer afford these payments and I'm borrowing money just yo make the minimum payments on my credit card. I guess I'm in trouble! I want to know If I can freeze interest on credit card debt so I can get out of this debt which is holding me back. I'm on a low income and have worked out my income and expenses and making the minimum payments are no longer realistic.
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  2. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    There are two ways in which you can freeze the interest payments on your credit card balance. The first way is to contact the creditors and let them know that you are having financial difficulties. You will be asked about your financial affairs and the best way to keep this short and sweet is by providing an income and expenses questionnaire which shows that you cannot afford the minimum payments. If the credit card company accepts this it might stop interest for 6 months even more depending on your circumstances.

    Another way is to get in touch with a debt counselling charity who will do this for you. By going through a debt counselling charity you will have added weight because debt counselling companies know how to negotiate with credit card companies for the wellbeing of their clients. If the debt counselling agency is successful all your credit card companies will freeze interest and you only make one payment to the debt counselling company who then distributes the payment on a pro rata basis to your creditors.

    Another way is to talk to your Doctor. If you feel anxious or depressed with your debt you could be diagnosed with anxiety and depression which would help your cases with credit card companies if you wanted to freeze interest and make a partial payment to clear your debt.
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