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Discussion in 'My Story' started by StormEagle, Jun 2, 2017.

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  1. StormEagle

    StormEagle Newbie


    To all and to whom it may concern


    Life is always very challenging alike the landscapes with mountains, hills, valleys, plain, rivers, streams and all the natural wonders created by God in the complete system. In all their natural perfections though at times not for human being; and so is my life’s kaleidoscopes – once relatively doing well-high and lost everything five (5) years ago – lows.

    Now, I am making an open appeal to any kind heart out there to give me “the rod” – the financial capital for investing; “so I can fish” – so I can effectively working, earning to eek for financial survival and a decent living with integrity. Unlike a life I have now and for being advanced in age-dilemma; able and healthy to work but too old to be employed.

    Making the story short and straight to the point – I need the rod….give me the rod….so I can fish.

    Am making this financial request and appeal to anyone based on any their potential proposal and/or either based on my proposed options below;

    (1) Financial Advance – with initial total capital to be refunded within a stipulated period. On this basis, I request for an amount of USD$500,000.00 (USD$ Five hundred thousands) with the principal capital refunded in full after two (2) years.

    (2) Soft Financial Loan – Soft financial loan with two percent (2%) interest per year. On this basis, Soft Financial Loan – Soft financial loan with two percent (2%) interest per year. On this basis, I would like to request for an amount of USD$1,000,000.00 (USD$ One million) and for a period of five (5) years. Where the loan principal capital amount will be paid in full on the final fifth (5th) year. And, interests’ payments for the first four years will be paid accordingly at the twelfth (12th) month of each respective year. The fifth (5th) year’s interest payment will be paid together with the principal capital.

    Additionally, beyond my proposed module above, I am very open to any other potential suggestions – “beggars cannot be chooser”. However, I sincerely hope and pray that my appeal here can be considered as with the method I proposed, I can be financially independent and self-sustaining for the rest on my life and beyond. I do not want to be a beggar for the rest of my life and a burden to anyone if given this opportunity and choice.

    Should this appeal of mine is granted, I can financially restart and undertake charitable activities which I like to carry on and continue from where I left-off some years ago.

    Meanwhile, I pray and hope that my appeal will merit your kind attentions, considerations and granted in any form you kindly wish.

    Finally, I thank you very much for the time spent on reading and going through my letter for this request here.

    Regards and thank you. God bless always.

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