Hardworking determined single mom needs help

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by DeterminedSINGLEMOM, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. I have been struggling as a single mom to support my 2 young boys a for 6 years. I work a full-time job (10 hour days) M-TH and have no help with the kids. The kids have long days at school and daycare and I am exhausted every day. Between rent and daycare, my paychecks are gone and I balance bills and food until I get a tax return to try to catch up. I have recently been diagnosed with a Stage 2 lymphatic disorder and need a $30,000 surgery which is not covered by my insurance.

    I am really at my wits end on how I am going to continue juggling my life alone. It's a sad thing to say when it's money that is stopping me from having any kind of life for my boys and I. Yesterday I took out a title loan for $1000 on my car which has 200,000 miles on it. It's all I had to do and another day was here and I needed food and daycare for my boys and utilities. My day consists of trying to get through another day. I do NOT qualify for any assistance or programs because they say I make too much money. I don't understand because not being able to afford food and basic needs after paying rent and daycare for your kids is NOT making too much money. I just don't know where to turn anymore for the help that I need. I am determined.... but I am now desperate because I need help in so many areas.
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    Hi, @DeterminedSINGLEMOM and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. I'm sorry to hear about your difficult circumstances and hope things improve soon. So many single parents face similar situations as you and my heart goes out to them. I believe that your circumstances will improve, you are a determined person and with the right choices and decisions, your life could improve significantly.

    As you are ineligible for assistance from the Government you must seek help from charities. Once such charity which would help you are Food Bank organizations. You need to complete an income and expenses questionnaire and then present this to your local food bank. If you can get help towards your groceries you will be able to save a significant amount of money.

    Another simple step you could take is to downsize to a smaller place where the rent is cheaper. I know that moving homes is expensive but when I was in a similar situation downsizing helped my shore up my finances.

    With regards to daycare, I would suggest asking friends and family you trust for help. If you can get your parents to look after your children you could save even more money.

    You should also ask your employers for a raise after excelling in your position. Just imagine what a 10% raise could do to your financial circumstances!

    Also being diagnosed with stage 2 lymphatic disorder and needing a $30,000 surgery which is not covered by my insurance can't help your financial circumstances. What I can tell you is there is a lot of help out there for people who don't have insurance cover. You should do some research to find charities and corporate philanthropists such as Pfizer and Merck who could help you with the costs. Check out the post below which helps people without health insurance who need surgery. Just remember there is always a way.

    No Health Insurance? What to Do - There's Hope.

    I really hope things improve for you and I would appreciate it if you could keep us informed. I have shared this page on my Facebook and Twitter account so hopefully you will get a response. Good Luck.

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