Has anyone made any money with metastock?

Discussion in 'Investing and Retirement Saving' started by LaughDontCry, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. LaughDontCry

    LaughDontCry Newbie

    For the last 2 years I've been investing in the stock market and have returned a respectable profit in that time frame. I've put a lot of time into researching company and using technical indicators to buy and sell stock. The thing is I usually end up putting in 12 hours of work a day which is not what I intended to do when I first started day trading. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of Metastock
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  2. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    If you want to make money on the internet then you need to consider or take a look at Metastock and Metastock Backtesting. Metastock is the trading software that allows you to analyse stocks and shares and even backtest your strategy. If you are competent in the way Metastock functions then you can really streamline your analysis and start making money immediately. Once you start using the software you will imagine how you ever analysed stock without this.

    Metastock costs around $500 which may seem like a lot however the amount of time and effort you can save using this software will more than pay for the costs. I particularly like the Metastock Backtest Function which allows you to check your strategy be seeing how you would have done with your strategy in the past. Once you have purchased the software and installed it you need access to live prices and past prices. With live prices coming in you can have up to the minute access to how the stocks fluctuate and you can even get news on the stock that you are intending to trade. Metastock really streamlines fundamental and technical analysis for you.

    The best feature of the software is the indicators that are available. There are hundreds of indicators that you can choose from. Metastock allows you to optimise the indicator for the particular stock and then use the Matastock beack test function. One of my favourite features of the software is back testing. If you can get the past 5 years daily prices for the Dow Jones and then apply each and every indicator that the software offers with exit and entry signals then you can check how each indicator fares for each stock. Once you have compiled the report you can check which stock has performed the best with a particular indicator and evaluate the success.

    You can sometimes find stocks that have over 80% success rates which mean that 8 out of 10 trades are successful. If you go deeper into the report you can also assess the risk and reward for each particular trade. If you are able to find a strategy that has an 80% success rate with an average 3:1 risk reward then you will be able to make a significant amount of money.

    Many investors have made significant advancements in the way they trade using software such as Metastock, there are many other trading software out there however the simplicity and ease at which this particular software has been created makes it the leading contender.

    This software not only allows you to perform technical analysis quickly it also helps you find opportunities within the stock market. Once you have found the indicator that you are comfortable with you can then search the entire Dow Jones and NASDAQ index to find out if there are any available trades for you to enter. Once you have shortlisted a few you can back test them to see how the indicator has performed and then choose the best looking trades. You can also perform fundamentals on them to get a gauge of how strong or weak the company is.
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