Has anyone tried asking bill gates for money?

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by JamWithMe, Mar 11, 2015.

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  1. JamWithMe

    JamWithMe Newbie

    I was curious and just wondered whether anyone has tried asking Bill Gates for help. In 2015 Bill Gates is now the richest man in the world and has an estimated net worth shy of 80 Billion dollars. I know Bill Gates does a lot of charity and philanthropic work with his wife through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation however I was wondering if anyone has tried to ask him for money personally and whether they've been able to get any help. Also does anyone have the contact details for contacting Bill Gates and whats the best way to get the billionaires attention! Looking forward to some answers.
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    You can try to contact Bill Gates through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the USA. Here are the contact details for the billionaire who gives half his money to help people in need.

    Gates Main Office
    500 Fifth Avenue North
    Seattle, WA 98109
    Telephone: (206) 709-3100
    Email: info@gatesfoundation.org

    Gates East Coast Office

    Washington, D.C.
    1300 I (Eye) St NW
    Suite 200 E
    Washington, DC 20005
    Telephone: (202) 662-8130
    Email: info@gatesfoundation.org
  3. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    I did some research on the internet and it seems as though Bill Gates does have an email address you can contact him on. All of his emails are obviously vetted by his office and only a select few get through to the billionaire who gives away money. To stand any chance of getting a response from Bill Gates you need to style your email in such a way that the software billionaire will want to read. Anyway here is Bill Gate's email address Billg@Microsoft.com.
  4. hamza

    hamza Newbie

    This seems to be a legitimate email address you've given. I've just found a blog writer John Seabrook who actually got a response from the billionaires. I'm going to try and touch bases with Bill Gates @ Billg@microsoft.com. Thanks for the share.
  5. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    You could try contacting Melinda Gates too if you want to. You could try permutations of her name the most likely email being Melindag@Microsoft.com. Sure Melinda who worked in Microsoft will have her own email. Pleasae let us know if you get through and good luck.
  6. Ammo_Ram

    Ammo_Ram Newbie

    To stand any chance of getting money from a billionaires such as Bill Gates you need to do the following:

    The first thing you need to do is to for a Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization status. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation do not give money to individuals. There may be rare occurrences of Bill Gates Giving to individuals but its highly unlikely that you'll get any money from him personally.

    Once you've set up your Tax Exempt Non Profit Organization you need to find a cause that the Gates Foundation supports. You can find a full list of all the causes the foundation supports at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website. Go through the site thoroughly and choose something where there is a high likelihood of securing money from the billionaire.

    Learn how to become a grant writer and then submit proposals to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It usually takes 6 to 12 months to get a response but this is the quickest and most likeliest way to get money from Bill Gates.
  7. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    One way to contact Bill Gates would be through his Facebook account. You should like his posts and then invite him as a friend. From my experience he usually accepts these friend requests. Once you've got your foot through the door you can start posting meaningful comments and then try to get his attention. This is a long shot but I guess its worth a try.
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  8. SueStanton

    SueStanton Newbie

    You could inquire about all the charities that Bill & Melinda Gates support and then you could contact these charities for help. In my opinion its probably unlikely that you'll get a response or money from Bill Gates personally so a better strategy would be to find out what causes he supports and align yourself with those causes to get help. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation do a lot of philanthropic work on postsecondary education so if you're looking to further your studies it might be a feasible way to get money.
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  9. Alistair

    Alistair Newbie

    Cool idea. Melinda Gates was an employee at Microsoft so there's a good chance that she's kept her email address for nostalgic reasons. I'm going to try and email her! Will let you know how I get on.
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  10. DiscoDiva

    DiscoDiva Newbie

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wont give away money to individuals, if that was the case everybody would apply and get money from the billionaire. I think some of the other ideas are valid though. If you are in education and need a scholarship the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offer support for postsecondary education and to get students college ready. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have a vision for everyone to attend college so its definitely worth trying if you want to educate yourself out of poverty.
  11. Mike Baggaley

    Mike Baggaley Newbie

    If you're looking for rich men who give away money then it's worth considering Bill Gates who runs the Gates Foundation Grant. The founder of Microsoft is someone who really likes to give money away, he has formed the Bill and Melinda Foundation where they aim to help people and take care of their needs. Many people ask how to get money from Bill Gates and if you're interested then please read on, I have included email address and contact details for the philanthropist. Over time the foundation has given out large sums of money to people who need it most. Bill Gates gives money to charity so if you know of a worthy cause then it's worth contacting him.

    The foundation does not give to individuals (only on rare occasions). Instead you need to create a company that does not work for profit, and once you've created the company you need to align yourself with a particular cause that you think will really benefit from the money you may receive from Bill Gates Foundation & Melinda Foundation.

    You can write directly to Bill himself of you can hire writers than can create bespoke letters for your grant and the proposal you're making. If you think that you can express yourself well then there is no need to do this however hiring a writer can make all the difference as they're the experts in that field.

    Once you have written your proposal you need to post it to Bill and Melinda Gates, their address for their agent is available on their website and on this article. Make sure you have completely covered what cause you have gone for and why you think the money will be really useful for them, explain how the money would make a difference to people’s lives, be as passionate as possible. People who give money away need to be convinced that the money will be used productively. The Bill Gates Philanthropy department really checks all the facts before they hand over any money so if you're thinking of pulling a fast one you won't succeed.

    Make sure you tell the foundation why you need the money and how the money would be spent and what difference it would make to the people who get it, give as many examples as possible and use as much persuasive language where appropriate.

    Once you have posted the letter you need to wait, it normally takes about 6 weeks to process these kinds of request, do not expect immediate help. If 6 weeks have elapsed and no response has been made you can write another letter reminding them of your proposal and reiterating how the cause would benefit from the money. Whatever you do you can't give up because these requests take time. You can ask other rich people who give money such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres while you wait for a response. Many successful 'beggars' have made a decent amount of money by being persistent and not giving up. They usually have a list of 50 millionaires and then contact them one by one to see if they will help them financially.

    Bill and Melinda Gates have made a name for themselves as being one of the largest organisation that give money away to people, over the years they have done so much to help so many people. You have to be patient and persevere, eventually your efforts will be rewarded. Some of the largest donations to people have been over $100k and if you have a really genuine cause then you too might get a similar amount! Good luck and leave a comment if you have succeeded!

    Contact Details for Bill & Melinda Foundation - Email Address & Office Address

    Main Office - email address & contact details of Bill Gates500 Fifth Avenue NorthSeattle, WA 98102(206) 709-3100info@gatesfoundation.org

    Europe Office (Mailing Address) - email address for Bill & Melinda Foundation80-100 Victoria StreetLondonSW1E 5JL+44 (0) 207 798 6500 info@gatesfoundation.org

    China Office - email address for The Gates Foundation Grant011-86-10-8454-7500info@gatesfoundation.org

    India Office - email address for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation011-91-11-4713-8800info@gatesfoundation.org

    Grant Inquiries - email adress for The Gates Foundation Grant(206) 709-3140

  12. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    he has a foundation and he only helps a few poelple
  13. Robert Hames

    Robert Hames Newbie

    I did and did not receive a response. It seems The Gates Foundation only give money to the grants they have listed on their website.
  14. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    they don't give out personal grants that's what they sent me
  15. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    It's sad when your trying to better your self and get out of a hole you know what you did but banks and loan company's don't care even tho they say bad cridet is ok that's not true I've tried every bank and loan com and got the same anwer so they lie when they say bad cridet is ok tried to get a ho0ld of all the celebrities and every one that say they help but there's no way to get a hold of them if yolu have any ideas I would be greatfully if you would share
  16. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    they don't help individual's education mostly
  17. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    education businesses I tried every lead then some I haven't found any body that would or wouldn't
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