Heart problem and neuroses. looking for help from philantropists

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by De19Need, Apr 2, 2016.

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  1. De19Need

    De19Need Newbie

    I need money urgently for getting out of a current nightmare that I'm having. I have a heart problem. I didn't go to school and later went to the army because of diagnosis. Also, I have neuroses, that cause disorders. I have debts and bills including bills on past apartment of parents because I promised parents to pay. I can't work and I don't receive medical care. It happens because of an unfriendly situation at home and unfriendly understanding of people around.

    I can't sleep normally, I can't rest and I'm tired after so many attempts, I don't see what can I do without asking people.
    I don't know what to say because no one can help me. And even if I write to people, who seem to be happy to chat, they ignore me. Or someone points to obvious solutions, that doesn't work. Like "why you don't go to ambulance"...
    Believe me, if obvious solutions like "go to the doctor" or "ask money from friends" worked, I would have solved this problem and there will be no need to write on this forum. But as you see, I write on this forum. So, obvious solutions are not working for me.

    Please, if you are a philanthropist, if you are the good man, who want to help me, please write me a personal message in profile.
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  2. admin

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    Hello, @De19Need and Welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. I'm sorry to hear about your health troubles and hope things improve soon. Sometimes life is tough and your resilience is tested to its maximum. I would say just keep hoping and wishing things improve and keep yourself inspired and motivated.

    I would advise you to create a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for your health problems. There are millions of people who raise money through crowdfunding campaigns and you could do so too. You can sign up to a crowdfunding site such as GoFundME.com and then share the campaign with people who want to help.

    You should also think about contacting a charity such as the Anxiety & Depression Association of America Home | Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA The representatives of the charity will offer you advice, guidance, and counseling as well as pointing you in the right direction so you can tackle your debt and bills. They will also help you with your anxiety and sleep related problems by offering you advice and tips on how to manage the situation.

    With regards to your debts and bills, you must communicate with the lender. You must inform the lender of your present circumstances. Under the circumstances, the lender might be willing to give you a payment holiday or offer debt forgiveness. Whatever happens, you must inform your creditors of your health problems.

    Please feel free to share any Crowdfunding Campaign here and I will share it on Facebook and Twitter. Good Luck.

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