Heidi's story

Discussion in 'My Story' started by Heidi McCarthy, Jul 5, 2017.

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  1. A little over a year ago i asked for a divorce from my husband of ten years. His addiction problems were really starting to affect our children. Actually i finally saw what is was doing to our children. I was totaly blind to what was happening. He did not take this very well. It turned into many calls the police and months of worry. He followed me around town. Watched the house while living out of his truck. Paid someone to put up cameras in the trees around the house. He was certain that i was cheating on him and thats why i had asked for the divorce. He couldnt see what he had been doing to the family for years. The constant moving, living in roach infested hotels, never having enough to eat. Things would get better for a few months and then it would start again. It looked like everything was going to be ok when he joined the oilfield. He was making good money we finally stayed in one place. I should have known things were about to take a turn for the worst. He moved us to three rivers tx. There is nothing in that town. The nearest HEB and walmart are over 30 min away. This is when i find out that for the past 4 years he had been lying to me. He wasnt always at work when he said he was. He wasnt wasting all his money buying crap from the truckstops. So in april of 2016 I gave him an ultimatum get help or we are done. He refused to get help. So He leaves me with no money, no vehicle and no job. My children are braving this well. They are upset but they are used to him being gone all the time. I find a job waitressing. I walk to work everyday its already hot here in texas. So i suffer all summer long walking to work in 90 and 100 plus degree weather. I save up $900 in 5 months. So my landlord offers me her van for $2000. Bad Idea! But I didnt know that at the time. Within one month and its broke down. Alternator. Thank godness for youtube. I bought one and replaced it myself. It has broke down 3 more times since. Fastforward a few months its now feb of 2017. I get a job at a nursing home where they give me CNA training. So yay im getting my life together and getting on my feet. But I know that summer is coming and now i have more bills than just rent and electric. The summer before my electric bill was $500 every month during the summer. The house im living in is old no central air and not insulated. Its 90 degrees inside even when i have all 5 window units running trying to cool down my house. So i make the decision that im going to move in June before it gets to bad. I decided on Kingsville. Its bigger and its close to corpus. I save what money i can and we move. Ive been here a month. I went for an interview last week. I got the job and I start tom. Unfortunately my rent was due on the 1st. I put my last $30 in gas to be able to make it to and from work. Ive been looking for local help and they dont have any funds. My situation sucks. Ive worked hard for the little I have. and i dont want to loose it. I support my children and my mother. She takes care of my children while i work.
  2. Sophia Rush

    Sophia Rush Apprentice

    Saw your request for help on the website, Kindly send us an email with your story and how much you will need to get back on your feet to soprush@gmail.com
  3. MonMon

    MonMon Apprentice

    It's good to know that your mother is there to take care of your children while you're at work
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