Hello this K&R Shonk we are Disabled people that need help fast

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by R&K Shonk, Dec 6, 2013.

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I do not know if I am doing this correctly,for I'm not very good at computer

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  1. R&K Shonk

    R&K Shonk Newbie

    can anyone help us ? need roof fixed carport cleaned out and money for bills and medications,food,also minivan worked on,owe money,also are refrigerator is getting ready to stop,anybody own a pest control company,need to take are cat to vet.but we both need to go to the dentist,and get glasses and contacts,need to pay my mechanic also house charge at drug store need a different tower for computer and a keyboard for hard disk is full and can not open a attachment or download anything,a used tower and keyboard couple of used tires for front of minvan would be nice.we would be forever grateful,God Bless You people with a heart to help people in need.have a donation from a man that owns a donation,but since we do not have a bank account due to someone fraud it,we have to have $1500usd to open a account at his bank then pay a diplomat to bring the atm card to us.then we could help people in need,we would just like a decent place to live and a reliable vehicile to drive,to get back and forth to all of are Dr's appts and cancer hospital is far from are house,I am to embarrased to go any where for I can not pay our bills and do not know what to say to them that we owe money to,we are lucky to eat every 3 days.he only gets $16.00usd for food stamps and he needs food to help him to get over all of the sugery's from cancer hospital and neck and back surgery,if we have the gas money to go to cancer hospital he is schudule for dec.10th for a lung biopsy,I need some double ee width shoes for I have right foot boney planter spurs and my bones are deterating on top of right foot arthritis in foot and hand and knee,people do not know how lucky they are just to have there health.we both worked 2 jobs all of are life.all we can do now is hope and pray someone will call us and offer there help.we would be ever so grateful God Bless K&R Shonk 727-320-4045
  2. R&K Shonk

    R&K Shonk Newbie

    need money fast to pay are electric and water bill,and pay house charge at drug store,also pay are mechanic,to get more medications before Jan. when deductales are due then we don't know how we will get are medications and go to Dr's appts and cancer hospital,need gas money to get to cancer hospital if my minivan makes it there,it's a long way from are home.need roof fixed asap need glasses and dentures for him and I need contacts and dentist more than a 2 years ago needed to go to dentisit to get cavity's fixed and teeth cleaned,need a couple of used tires for front of van.need a new tower and keyboard for hard disk is full and can not open a attachment or download anything.most inportant is not to have are power turned off and water,then Dr's and medications contact lenes and glasses and eye exam for him my elderly mother needs her parcel relined or different ones to help her eat more kinds of food.all we can do is hope and pray for someone to call us with any kind of help.God Bless You people that have a heart to help people in need we are both disabled,thank God if you have your health.R&K Shonk 12/06/2013 727-320-4045
  3. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hi Mr Shonk - Help is definitely available, I have linked some resources here which might benefit you. You should first of all get all the help you can from the Government, you can find further information below.

    Urgent Financial Assistance

    Find Government Benefits and Financial Assistance

    Help Feeding Your Family

    More Information for Families

    Healthcare Insurance - There are schemes for people who don't have insurance

    Get Health Insurance

    Help With Stress-Related Health Issues

    Find Health Services in Your Community
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