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Discussion in 'My Story' started by Mon, Jun 21, 2021.

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  1. Mon

    Mon Apprentice

    Hello, I am a single Mother with one Child... Previous boyfriend and a
    father of my son has left us 4 days before the wedding after 6 years of
    a relationship... He found himself another lady at work... Since then I
    am alone with a little boy.. I am unemployed and live with my parents,
    it has never been easy to find a job... I would Like to start my own
    business and to open my own welness studio, but I dont have any
    money.... I really want to make my dream come true and have my own
    thing, so I would not have to travel far away for work to another
    city... I dont even have a driving licence and I used to travel to work
    by bike a long distance. I am asking you for help, if you could help me
    I would be very greatful to you so I could develop further in what I
    dream of... I have tried to ask for help everywhere, but its Hard to
    find a sincere and a trustworthy person who would be keen and wouldnt
    want to use me for madeup payments or liked to use my personál ID
    details.... I also play a lottery, lotto, but dont have any luck... I am
    desperate from this situation and would be very greatful to you if you
    would help mé and my son in any possible way. I really thank you for
    reading my
  2. mposlot hay quá đúng cái em đang cần đánh dấu mai em call bác

    ĐT 1865747036
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