Help me save my daughter please

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Tonyamichelle70, Jun 17, 2017.

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  1. My name is tonya and I need all the help I can get I need to move my family things have gotten worse and am afraid something bad will happen if I don't get us out of here fast my youngest daughter was being molested by my oldest daughters boyfriend he went to jail for 242 days when he got out he started fallowing my girls and grandsons he has tryed to run them over ,he watches us through are windows ,he has cornered one in the store he has called the cops saying I was beating the kids e chases them all the time and when I call the cops well I get the same thing nothing we can do about it there is a no contact order that says he can come anywhere near my youngest but he does she is scared she no longer goes out and hangs out with her friends I have to be with her at all times or she panics it's been really hard on us we can't even hug her and that hurts the most he has taken everything from us I need to get my family out of her we are living in a two bedroom house with 7 people I had to turn the frontroom in to a bed room he has already killed to pets and he is trying to get are pit put down I have a bad heart so the stresses is killing me and the stress on her has cased her to have high blood pressure and a fast heart rate cause she is in constant fare please I need help I tryed getting loans and no one will give me one cause I don't make enough I would sale my soul if I thought it would help get her out of here I don't sleep I can't eat much I found out that I have cervical cancer and to top it off she has tryed to kill her self that way he would leave us alone please I don't want to lose anymore of her I can't it's breaking my heart she was a steright A student to know doing adult ed cause she could handle going to school alone I stared back to school at the college but it's almost 40 miles away both was and I was doing good and she was doing good but they took my financial aid away so I can't go back cause I can't afford to pay it so another dream gone I was doing good I was doing art but I can't fight that when iam fighting for my kids life I have so much stress and worrie on me that I just can't do it I need help fast please help iam bagging for help I will give you everything I have I just need help you can text me at or face book message me tonya wilkerson thank you for your time and god bless you for helping people out
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