Help me save my family

Discussion in 'Asking Celebrities for Help' started by Tonyamichelle70, Jun 17, 2017.

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  1. My name is tonya and iam trying to get help to get my family out of this town my youngest daughter was being molested by my oldest daughters boyfriend he went to jail for 242 days when he got out my nightmare began I had his ex girlfriend and there kids living with us he has chased them down with his truck he tryed to run them over he has fallowed them he has been cough watching them through are windows we have lost two pets from poison and I just can't take my kids and grandkids being afraid in there own house iam afraid something bad will happen they no longer go out side well 3 of them do cause the one grandson is in baseball but the 2 youngest ones don't leave the house witch is my youngest daughter and my youngest grandson life has become hell we live in a 2 bedroom house I have had to turn my frontroom into a bedroom my youngest daughter has tryed to kill her self over him saying that if she died than everyone else will be safe it's hard to hear your child talk like that we can't hug her unless she hugs us she has blocked out the sunlight so he can't see her she no longer hangs out with her friends none of them do he has tore this family apart I no longer eat much or sleep much cause if I sleep she stays awake so me and her dad take turns but even that has stopped helping her she has bad dreams all the time but only when she is here in this house I have tryed to get a loan to move but I don't make enough money cause I get 735. On ssi her dad just won his court case but he won't get his ssi between now and October so we are living on my income still I need to get her out know before I lose more of her please I need to due this why he has no car that way he can't fallow us please help me iam doing everything I can I have never asked for help I've been on my own scence I was 17 no one has ever gave me anything I have always taken care of things but I have let them down cause I can't get her out of here I can't even get government help cause I don't have money for a down payment and I don't make enough I also can't afford another winter here with no heat there is no furnace in this house and the base board heaters run about a1,000.00 a month so I have been using space hearts and my stove for heat but my power bill gets up to 400 to 500 in the winter I can't afford it anymore I really need help please I found a nice house away from here 2 towns over but I don't have 134,000.00 and that's cheap but I might lose it cause they can't wait for me much longer so iam really in a bad spot and iam wore out my bad heart can't take much more I've had to put my health on the back burner for now between my heart and my cervical cancer and all of this it's taken me down I was doing art classes but they just in formed me I can no longer get finatual aide do to a mess up and I just don't have the streagth to fight with them iam worried I might end up having another stroke do to all this please am begging for help you can email me at or text me on Facebook messager under tonya wilkerson iam the one stand with my daughter and my boyfriend at my middle daughters graduation thank you for your time and god blesses you
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