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  1. sunshine2015

    sunshine2015 Newbie

    I am a divorced service connected disabled veteran with an anxiety disorder, PTSD, domestic violence and rape survivor. I am a single parent of four with my eldest son who is special needs diagnosed with seperation anxiety and ADHD. Ive worked my entire life straight out of highschool joining the military and finished up grad school while homeless. I never thought I would be in the position I am in but after my medical issues of my own and to include my sons diagnosis which he had to be hospitalized for over 30 days, he also missed school so much school causing me to loose so much leave that when I was pregnant and was on maternity leave for three months (emergency C-section) I had to go on leave without pay. Ive lost so much trying to give my son a chance at life a sacrifice I had to make with no regrets but I find myself in a bottom lest pit and I need a little boost back on my feet. My sons medication can cost me anywhere between $300-$500 co pay. I find myself pay check to pay check owing daycare, driving to work on E, waiting for next pay day to buy groceries. Im not a looser, Im a hard worker, I'm a veteran serving veterans. If I can at least get help with my car note so I can continue to go to work which behind and had repossed once already and its up for repossession again. I pay $500.00 and I still owe about $4,900 on it. My loan is with credit acceptance account number 3150658, 18006341506.
  2. hamza

    hamza Newbie

    Hey Sunshine2015, after reading your post I felt you were a genuine person who needed help. From your circumstances it is quite easy to conclude that you're below the Federal Poverty Line and therefore could be eligible for help.

    If you need help with a new car or repairs you should definitely check out charities such as 1800 Charity Cars and Vehicles for change. These non profit organizations offer low income families and individuals with free vehicles, as you're a veteran there is a good chance that you could get help.

    You should also be eligible for Food Stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan and I would recommend you apply for your state website. Food Stamps would subsidize your grocery bills which means you would have money to cover other essential items. Please head over to the SNAP website and apply for the Food Stamps in your State.

    You should also look into Patient Assistance Program offered by various pharmaceutical companies. Find out what the makers for your sons drugs are, these are usually companies such as Pfizer, Merck, Abbots Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson. Once you find the makes you should visit the makers site and enquire about all the patient assistance plans that they offer. If you are near the Federal Poverty Line there is a good chance you'll be able to get your medication for free.

    Finally have you considered asking for help on sites such as Fund Anything? There are lots of people who are facing hardship and want to get help posting videos on Fund Anything and asking people for financial assistance. Fund Anything was created by Donald Trump so the site is completely legitimate.

    I really hope you find some money using the options listed above.
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