Helping a homeless person

Discussion in 'My Story' started by Victor Jacks, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. Victor Jacks

    Victor Jacks Newbie


    I am currently supporting a homeless person (called Rowena) in Essex, England, ensuring she has a bed for the night, together with hot food and washing facilities, along with access to the everyday household items most of us take for granted like television and internet. However, my work situation has dramatically reduced due to the current coronavirus situation. Hence, I am not able to continue ongoing support for the person in question.

    The savings I had in place have now diminished and the financial help I had been receiving from family and friends has now also been exhausted.

    I am continuing to support her with the little financial means I have, but there will come a time (sooner rather than later) when I will not be able to continue with the limited resources I have.

    This will mean that Rowena will return to the street, where she will have no food or shelter and will be openly exposed to the coronavirus. This together with falling temperatures as we approach the harsher months. She receives minimal financial benefits and her only source of income will therefore come from begging on the streets and surviving off the generosity of the public.

    I first met Rowena approximately 18 months ago. She was huddled in a doorway, trying to protect herself from the cold. I sat with her for about 15 minutes, chatting to her about her life and her lifestyle. After seeing her on the street on a couple of occasions, I asked her if she wanted to have a hot meal. Naturally, at first, she was very sceptical of my intentions, but our relationship has grown into a true friendship, with both of us trusting each other completely.

    She is 36 years of age, has a 12 year old daughter she has not seen for several years (because of her homeless situation), and all she wants to do is get an even break and start to live what most of us would call a normal life.

    I have taken her to meet some of my friends, gone for long walks in the country with her (her major passion is horses, as she was a keen horse rider as a youngster), and tried my utmost to give her as much as possible in terms of a “normal” lifestyle.

    I am therefore looking for any donation, of any kind, from any source, to try and aid the development and future safety and existence of my friend. I would be grateful if you could donate anything at all.

    My pay pal account is
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