Hey there, i'm begging for help, and i only need $1000

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Jonathan Jones, Mar 20, 2021.

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  1. Hey there, I've made a Rally Hope entry in order to get help from people,
    please take a moment to look at it.

    My credit is horrible from when I lost my car, and then motorcycle after that.
    I lost my car back during the great recession of 2007, and went into bad credit.
    My motorcycle broke down, and I can't afford to fix it, so I sold it back in 2018.

    My family has died and I'm in a hard place. I just need a little help (rallyhope.com)

    Long story short, my family is gone and passed.

    (that link above in Rally Hope) explains my story and gives a platform for people to help, but the overall on it, is that I am a mascot performer, and I've fallen into hard times. I always have been a person that has only ever bought what they needed, so I don't have any extra stuff to sell.

    I'm gonna be straight in saying that I'm trying to find someone out there where $1000 doesn't mean much to them and they can afford to help, because, not beating around the bush.. I REALLY REALLY don't want to live out on the streets when May rolls around and I can't afford rent.

    I've been dabbling in livestreaming and entertaining people (like having my own radio show) online. Like a public podcast. And our focus has been aviation and flying planes, and people seem to love it. But I can't support the idea of growing this community unless I have some bit of financial help, because I'm very close to just 'running out' with no help or loan aids because of bad credit.
    I want to get into livestreaming more and entertaining people online, because I feel I have that gift, but I just need that little bit of extra help to upgrade my computer, and get the necessary resources to make this happen.

    I'm scared.. I've never felt so close to having my life feel like it's going to end, and I'm gonna be out on the streets. I feel like I'd rather die than have that happen.

    Please, someone help me. I really just want someone's financial support.
    I promise, that after I receive help that I will push my hardest and my best to grow the ideas I have, into something meaningful. This would mean the world to me.

    My personal e-mail is: hyenafur@gmail.com
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