Hi.. i am from indonesia. i need help and advice.

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Zulfitra Akbar, May 9, 2015.

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  1. though it's a lil bit too late to say thank you but many thanks to the moderator for accepting me.

    well.,honestly i have gone broke for months till now and have been living back with my parent again as i have none left in my hand. It's a long story but i'll try to make it short so you could understand the situation and i may get a handful advice.

    I am a locksmith. In the past 8 years i have spent time and effort so i can become a professional locksmith in which i believe will serve me a better living. I studied vehicle anti-theft system. I learnt it by my own by visiting one website to another website reading,translating and cross-checking every information about this technology so i can understand how this technology works and how to fix a vehicle equipped with this technology in case there's any problem with it. It took years for me to understand it as aside that i have no place to ask to ie locksmith course,also because every information about it are mainly in English not in my mother language.

    For about 4 years i worked as an aluminum technician so i could have some money to purchase the tools needed for this job. I got paid around $5 - $7 a day for 12 hours of (hard) working time depending on my productivity. Although after 4 years i managed to make about $2000,in the end it was only around $900 left in my pocket because after my resignation as an aluminum technician i was suffered because of Exfoliative Cheilitis which is an abnormality on the lips. It makes one's lips looks terrible. The ilness wasted much of,not only my hard-working money but also my time,energy and my mental. But i still thank God that i only suffered from it's worst stage for only about a year and few months which unlike others the worst stage of this illness could last for many years.

    I then used the $900 in my pocket to start my dream running my own locksmithing business. I picked a small area to start it as it is impossible to get in into the city with that amount of money where after i bought a cheap key duplicating machine (ideally i'm gonna need more than just a duplicating machine) the money only left $400. I assumed with that amount of money starting the business in a small area somehow will benefit me because aside that the competition would not be that harsh as it is in the city,i also could get montly payment for the kios rent whereas in the city it is nearly impossible. It costs around $1500 a year just for the cheapest kios rent in the city and montly payment also is not accepted.

    So,the business began and i had no more money left in my pocket. I put "everything" in the business. Unfortunately it didn't really work well for me. It was quite. The amount of money i can make each day was mediocre as when the time has come to pay the kios rent each month i hardly have anything left in my hand. The area i picked was too small in which there isn't really much people and activity there and sometimes due to the improper tools i failed to fix the job handed down to me. But what i supposed to do? I was too young,that was my first time and i didn't really have any option at that time to get in into a bigger city and buying everything needed as i only have $900 in my hand. I stuck there. I can't go anywhere as there was no more money left for that. The only option left for me was just to be patience hoping that as the time goes by situation might change and i might get more jobs. But after years of waiting there the change awaited was never come,the business still quite as usual. I then closed the business after almost 4 years there. I will just wasting my time if stay in there.

    After the closing i moved back to my parent's house (cause i didn't have anything left in my hand). And now it has been nearly a year since i closed the business and been jobless also (sometimes i did get a job in aluminum field by helping friends if they got orders. But it's not everytime and the money i could earn from the job wasn't big,only for daily need so atleast i don't weigh on my parent too much. As for working again as a full-time aluminum technician in a certain shop i find it's impossible. The work is too hard. It risky and without insurance as we also deal with large glass plates while working there. If anything went wrong while working,the risk will be our own. I think that's too much only for $5 - $7 a day. Beside i also have Hemoroid. As for looking for another job? With my education level i will only get paid $100 or $120 a month at most. This was the reason as why i eagerly learn this vehicle anti-theft technology : i believed and still,it will serve me a better standard of living. I see chance for me to grow in this field as this field,this expertise handling vehicle anti-theft system problem,is relatively new in my country. Not everyone can perform this job even till today.

    It's an embarrassing situation but i must admit that i have gone broke for months. My time and my hard-working money has all wasted and the first business i initiated was a total fail. I don't even have a penny now in my bank account. Nothing is left. And more of that i even never had any chance to put into practice what i have been studying for years which is the technology of vehicle anti-theft system because i never had any chance to purchase the tools needed for the job. Though it sounds pessimistic,but i do have come to a conclusion in which i think i will never ever make it to crystallize this dream of mine of mine unless there is a miracle or generous rich person who will lend a hand on me as based on the experience it took 4 years for me just to collect $2000 whereas the proper tools for this job cost around $6000 at minimum. That means it will take about 12 years for me just so i have the money to purchase the tools with the provision : everything goes right as planned.

    So,what should i do so i can get out of this situation? I have tried seeking help from the bank,but they asked me land title which i don't have. I want to try 'crowdfunding' but aside that this method is not really well-known in my country i also do not have many close friends whom i may ask help from. I currently have listed several foundations and persons in which they claim 'want to improve people of poor countries' like Warren Buffet,Bill Gates,Islamic organization like zakat.org and lifeusa.com and others. Do you think if i share them my story in a crowdfunding site they'll help me?

    What should i do? i really need a constructive advice. No insult please (i have been working and fulfilling my own ever since i was 15. So i am not a lazy man.)

    Thanks in advance.
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