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Discussion in 'Asking Celebrities for Help' started by jaroslaw, Jul 14, 2019.

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  1. jaroslaw

    jaroslaw Newbie

    Hi There .My name is JAREK am 34YEARS OLD and im Polish.And I live
    in Yeovil Somerset United Kingdom at Pathways.I have read one of posts
    what i have found online , that why i have come here to ask for help and advice .
    I Understand a little bit how Simple Pepole cand help pepole who realy are
    in need .I have dificulty time at moment ,i live on benefit and have part time job
    but to have my son stay with me i need home and beter Job .
    Am Down at moment ,trying get my Life to be better ,I want
    be Good Dad and be in life my SON. Am Good person but i get in
    really Low life at moment ,bicose money and other problems like Losing Home
    Family and Freands ,i dont want end like this my life .I facing Homelessnes in past
    Am lost job and home after ,been Deppresed and Down last time
    .Am loosing what i earn and get from this beautifull life.I want to stand on my feet agein
    I like to have chance been in my son life help him and take care of him when he need
    that why am here.I have Family Court next
    .The time never back,but am try to repair things what i have done
    wrong.That why am here to Beg for Help .For help for Me And My family
    .Please if Are There anyone who cand help me ? cand u contact me on that number
    00447843451220 .
    Thank you
  2. bầu cua bịp em ở đồng tháp vừa nhắn tin cho bác đấy có gì mai gửi cho em nha số điện thoại em la 0945678939
  3. hba1c Loay hoay tìm giờ mới thấy. Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẽ nhé! Chúc mua may bán đắt nha
  4. survey Liên hệ với mình nha
  5. LPA Clinic Singapore Chào mọi người ! Nếu bạn có coppy hay chỉnh sữa bài viết của mình thì xin để lại nguồn tác giả nhé, thanks

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