How Can I Search for Unclaimed Money from Bank Accounts

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Aristocrat, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Aristocrat

    Aristocrat Newbie

    As a child I remember my parents opening multiple banks account in my name, is there a way to search for unclaimed money in these bank account. So far I've found a agency who will do the searching for me but they want me to sign a contract which gives them half of anything I find. Is there a way I can do all the searches for the unclaimed money from bank account? I'm certain my parents opened these accounts with good sized deposits over 30 years ago. Look forward to a response.
  2. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hey Aristocrat, Welcome to Find Some Money Forum.

    First things first. Do not sign a contract which gives these unscrupulous agencies a right to half your money, you can do the search yourself. If you have signed anything just terminate it quickly.

    You should also get yourself organized, finding unclaimed money from bank accounts is a delicate process which takes time and dedication.

    I have bookmarked all the research you need to start looking for unclaimed money from Bank Accounts.

    Check Bank Failures

    You can search search for bank failures by searching the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). If your bank has failed or merged then this is a great way to find the account.

    Credit Union Deposit Account Failures

    You should also look for Credit Union failures. If your parents invested money in your name there is a chance they might have opened a credit union. All avenues must be investigated.

    SEC Owed Money Claims Funds

    You should also check for companies or investors who owe you money. This service is available from The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

    Exchange Damaged Money

    For completeness if you have wasted money The Treasury Department will exchange mutilated or damaged U.S. currency for free.
  3. This is interesting info. Thankfully, I don't need to know if there are any unknown bank accounts in my name, as I can ask my parents, but this made me think about investigating bank accounts that grandparents or other now deceased relatives might have had which we never discovered. Can the same steps be followed to check on these types of bank accounts that may pertain to deceased family members? If not, does anyone have suggestions on how to investigate that?
  4. Gorcey

    Gorcey Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    @Financial Fiend - I know in California, the state has a place where you can check on unclaimed bank accounts, property, or other assets. Here's the link for California, but since you probably don't live there, I would do a google search for your state and then "lost and found" (I.e. "New York Lost and Found") and that might get you a link to the same area for the relevant state.
  5. OK, cool, I will look into this. some more. FYI, I think it seems to be a slightly more accurate search if you do something like "New York Lost and Found Property" using your example from the quick look I just did. Seems like this might be a good way to go about the process though, so thanks so much for the help!
  6. JennyRocky

    JennyRocky Newbie

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